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We may have said goodbye to yet another calendar year, but winter is still in full swing. Spring is still months away, and we’re in for more chilly weather. When the temperature is low and precipitation freezes in the air, the roads become more treacherous for drivers, especially at night. Black ice is among the most dangerous obstacles that a driver can face on the roads. Here at Wirth Chiropractic, we’re dedicated to making sure that you are well-informed of the risks and well-educated on how to handle them. Here are some tips for driving at night in cold, wet, dark conditions.

  • Know What To Look For. Black ice is notoriously tricky because of how difficult it can be to spot on the roads. In fact, it received its name because of how easily it blends into the black pavement. Patches of black ice have often been described as looking like a wet floor. This shiny, glossy surface makes it easy to spot when driving with your headlights on an otherwise dry road. If the road is wet, black ice typically appears darker than the surrounding pavement. Keep an eye out for these dark patches and be aware of the risks of black ice.
  • Reduce Your Speed. Black ice is mostly unavoidable. You can’t necessarily swerve to avoid it if it’s in your lane, so you must be prepared to drive over it. When driving in icy conditions, the most important thing you can do is reduce your speed. Driving well below the speed limit will give you more control over the vehicle and minimize the odds of a spinout.
  • Lay Off the Brakes. It may be tempting to pump the brakes when you feel you’re losing control of your vehicle. In fact, the stop-start motion of the brakes can actually cause you to swerve and skid across the slippery surface. When driving on black ice, it’s best to drive at a slow, steady speed while keeping your steering wheel directed straight ahead.
  • Use Your Headlights. Naturally, you’ll need to use headlights at night to see the road ahead of you. But consider also using your low beams during the day time to make yourself more visible to other cars sharing the road.

Wintery driving conditions can be dangerous, and accidents frequently occur this time of year. If you’re the victim of an automobile accident, consider seeing a chiropractor to minimize the risk of long-term effects. We welcome you to join us here at Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!

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