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Wirth Chiropractic has Relocated!

Drop by our new location on the corner of Red Banks and Arlington and Join us Saturday November 11th to celebrate our grand opening with an ECU tailgating party. We will have live music, food, games, bouncy houses and a day full of fun for all ages!


Welcome to Wirth Chiropractic & Active Living Center in Greenville, NC. Dr. Brian Wirth and the staff here have helped hundreds of patients improve their quality of life by providing a natural method for the treatment of pain. 

Our advanced diagnostic and treatment options allow us to employ natural and safe techniques to treat a wide range of conditions: neck pain, low back pain, sciatica, sports-related injuries, injuries that have resulted from repetitive and stress motions, and automobile injuries. Our approach does not require drugs or surgery. This means that the treatment procedure is absolutely safe, carries no unpleasant side effects and is convenient, comfortable, and cost-effective.

Our Treatment Methodology
Wirth Chiropractic provides individualized attention and care to our patients. We interview our patients during one-on-one sessions to obtain as much information as possible about their current conditions and symptoms. This helps us to formulate a customized and effective care approach designed to address the root cause of the patient’s discomfort.

We also educate our patients on their particular condition(s) and offer practical advice on how to lead a healthy lifestyle both during and after treatment.

Our 360-Degree Services
We specialize in treating victims of automobile accidents and those that have been injured in the workplace or by slip-and-fall mishaps. Our patients’ long-term health and wellness are our foremost priorities. So, our obligation doesn’t end with diagnosis and treatment. We also work closely with attorneys on insurance claims and provide accurate information to ensure that our patients receive just compensation.

If you or a loved one needs chiropractic care in Greenville (NC), call us at 1-800-BACK-DOC to schedule a free initial consultation session. You can also use the form on the right to get in touch with us.