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WCC Coronavirus Header Graphic

Wirth Chiropracticis open and will continue to operate as usual, and will continue to monitor the situation and make adjustments to our policy as more information is given.

We are taking steps and following CDC Guidelines to help keep our staff, patients and community safe. While we always strive to keep our office as clean as possible, we are adding to the effort. While this is not a complete list of what steps we are taking, these are what we are asking of our patients and staff initially.

  1. 1. PATIENTS ONLY WITH AN APPOINTMENT are allowed in the office. (No kids, family or friends are allowed in the building)
  2. 2. If you or your immediate family are experiencing any fever or flu-like symptoms please call to reschedule your appointments. (We are screening ALL patients at the door!!)
  3. 3. If you have any recent international travel, please call to reschedule your appointment.
  4. 4. All patients must wash their hands immediately upon check-in to our office.
  5. 5. We are also limiting patient flow in the office to prevent too many people being in here at one time.
  6. 6. Our staff will continue to make sure any surface will be cleaned and sanitized on a regular basis throughout the day.
  7. While some may think that these steps are not necessary, please keep in mind that we have family, patients, and patients family members who are immunocompromised and are at a much greater risk for serious complications due to the Coronavirus and COVID-19.
    Your immune system is your #1 defense against all bacterial and viral infections. Fortunately, we have ultimate control over the state of our immune systems and our families. Here are some of the best practices that we follow even in our own homes.

    *GET PLENTY OF SLEEP. Often minimized as a source of immune response but studies have shown that deep sleep improves the immune system directly.
    *HYDRATION. The #1 deficient nutrient in most Americans is WATER. Staying hydrated is critical for EVERY biochemical process in your body including your immune system.
    *GET ADJUSTED. Regular chiropractic adjustments have been proven to boost your immune system. This is accomplished by improving the state of the nervous system which in turn improves the immune system.
    *EAT WELL. Be sure to eat a healthy diet. Avoid sugars if at all possible and do not overeat. This helps sustain a proper blood sugar level and prevents the moments of being “famished”. We all know what happens when “you’re so hungry you can eat a cow”.
    *HEALTHY SOCIALIZATION. Although the government is encouraging “de-socialization”. I encourage you to reconnect with your nuclear family through conversation, family games and lots of hugs and cuddling. Family communication and physical touch have long been associated with decreased stress and improved overall health including the immune systems of the entire family.


Thank you for your understanding in this matter.
Staff from Wirth Chiropractic