Are you experiencing fatigue, body aches, chronic muscle pain, or even numbness in the hands? If so, this could be a sign of fibromyalgia. It can develop on its own, or secondary to other musculoskeletal conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis, or systemic lupus. To be diagnosed you would of have to been experiencing widespread pain and tenderness in at least 11 of 18 tender-point sites for at least three months. Out of the 18 tender spots it usually includes tissues or muscles of the neck, shoulders, chest, rib cage, lower back, thighs, knees, arms and buttocks. The pain you experience could feel something along the lines of a deep aching, radiating, gnawing, shooting or burning pain. Chiropractic care can help work on relieving pain and symptoms with fibromyalgia just by making an adjustment to the neck and spine. Call Wirth Chiropractic at 252-756-6111 and get your adjustment today.

Are you experiencing pain in your low back and maybe down the back of your legs? If you are this could be a sign of sciatica. It is due to the irritation of the sciatic nerves, which is the largest nerves of the body. The pain will usually start in the low back and then radiate down the back of either or both legs. Sciatica can lead to numbness, tingling, burning, pain in the back of calf, weakness of the knee or foot, difficulty walking, and the inability to move the foot or bend the knee. If the vertebrae in the low back is misaligned or out of place, the result is pressure on the nearby nerves. This is where Chiropractic comes into play. Chiropractic care works on correcting misaligned, out of place vertebrae and also can remove the pressure placed on the sciatic nerve. Which result in reducing pain and improving flexibility and function. If you feel that this a condition you may have please call Wirth Chiropractic at 252-756-6111 for your free consultation.

We are in the winter months now and many people are becoming sick with sore throats, the flu, colds, and even ear infections. Ear infections are very common and can be extremely uncomfortable. Symptoms of an ear infection are drainage from the ear and nose, fever, not being able to sleep or eat, and the most common symptom is ear pain. Ear infections are caused from the blockage of the Eustachian tubes. The tubes allow equalized pressure on the eardrum and allows fluid to drain away from the inner ear. Due to the Eustachian tubes being blocked, fluid builds up and causes an infection. The transverse process, bones that stick out the sides of a vertebrae run next to the Eustachian tubes. When a vertebrae is misaligned the tissues will become swollen causing the tubes to be blocked. Chiropractic works by relieving pressure off the Eustachian tubes and reduces the tissue swelling allowing the inner ear to drain. To see if chiropractic may help call 252-756-6111 today for your free consultation.