An auto accident is considered minor, when there is very little damage to the vehicle and the driver and passengers riding in the vehicle have suffered minimal visible injuries. However, whiplash is the most common trauma in minor rear end and side collisions.

Even though whiplash is a common injury, it is often mistreated or ignored in most cases, which can lead to more severe and chronic issues later on. Therefore, a trip to the ER is not enough, and you need to consult Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC, even after a "minor" auto accident.

The Conventional Medial Diagnosis not up to Par

Whiplash trauma occurs when there is sudden acceleration and deceleration forces acting on the person's neck. A person can suffer severe whiplash trauma even when the vehicle is moving at less than 10 mph, and only chiropractic evaluation can reveal the true extent of the injuries to soft tissues and bone structure. There is not any definitive test for detecting whiplash trauma, and therefore this trauma may remain undetected in the ER. A chiropractor on the other hand is qualified to detect this type of trauma, and he will perform tests such as x-rays and scans to confirm his diagnosis. 

When the accident victim is suffering from stiffness or pain in the neck, it is easier to deduce whiplash by ruling out other injuries. However, many times the victim may not experience any symptoms for days or even weeks. By the time, pain and other symptoms emerge, the person has already been declared fit, and he may not be able to claim compensation for his injuries because of the accident. Therefore, it is even more vital to consult Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC after an auto accident to make sure you are not suffering from whiplash.

A chiropractor will perform a full evaluation, and will consider your past medical history, the type of seat in your car, the length of your neck, and other relevant factors that are associated with determining the extent of whiplash trauma.

Physical Signs to Look Out For

People who ignore initial symptoms of neck pain and stiffness will usually find their condition worsening and they may experience additional symptoms such as headaches, decreased range of motion, dizziness, memory loss, fatigue, and irritability. Lack of proper treatment in such conditions can even lead to chronic pain and permanent disabilities. Therefore, it is always better to consult Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC after an auto accident, to make sure your whiplash injury is detected and you receive the right treatment. 

This could be one of the most vital appointments you ever make in your life.

Your spinal column is a stack of vertebra bones that have discs between them to provide support and cushioning. These discs are made of a tough outer layer with a gelatin-like center. When the outer layer cracks, the inside material will bulge out causing the condition of a herniated disc.

A number of factors can cause undue stress, which can result in a crack of outer surface of the disc. Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC can provide expert treatment for symptoms and pain caused by herniated disc.

During the first consultation, a chiropractor will try to find out through different neurological and orthopedic exams:

      If your reflexes are intact

      If your muscles are starting to waste away or you have lost strength in your muscles

      If you have lost sensation along a nerve's path

Chiropractor will check your posture, evaluate your spinal column, and may order MRI or x-rays to confirm your diagnosis. One affected spinal area can cause pain and other symptoms to other spinal or body parts. For instance, if you are suffering from lower back pain, the chiropractor might conduct a thorough checkup of your neck as well.

Not just One Professional

The thorough examination will reveal the disc injury, and depending on the type and severity of the herniation, a chiropractor will formulate a customized treatment plan to address your particular symptoms. Most types of herniated disc problems can be treated by a chiropractor. However, if you have lost bladder or bowel control, or your reflexes, sensations, and muscle strength is severely affected, you will have to consult a spinal surgeon and other medical experts.

Here are certain effective chiropractic techniques used for treating herniated discs:



This technique involves gentle stretching and flexing of the spine using a special table. The chiropractor uses a pumping rhythm to flex the affected areas. With this technique, the nerve can be moved away from the bulging disc, thus reducing inflammation and associated pain. A series of sessions may be needed to make a difference in the condition, and this technique is usually used along with other treatments and physiotherapy.

Pelvic Blocking


In this technique, Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC places cushioned wedges under both side of the pelvis. Certain movements might also be exercises with the objective of moving the disc away from the nerve.

A chiropractor does not offer a magic fix for a herniated disc; however, these low-force treatments are effective in reducing any symptoms. If there is not any improvement, a chiropractor will recommend a spinal surgeon for exploring any plausible surgical possibilities.  

One of the most common injuries in auto accidents is whiplash injury. This injury is sustained when the vehicle receives an impact from behind or side, and there is no way to prevent this injury even if you are wearing a seat belt. Secondly, this injury can occur even when the vehicle is travelling at around just 5 mph.

Symptoms of whiplash injury might not surface for quite some time, and therefore it makes complete sense to consult Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC when you are involved in a car accident.

Unfortunately, many accident victims suffer from chronic neck pain after suffering a whiplash injury. A chiropractor will be able to detect chances of the victim developing chronic pain based on thorough examination and history of the patient. On detecting easy susceptibility to chronic pain, aggressive treatment and preventive measures are adopted to avoid or reduce this possibility.

No Wasted Time

The general treatment approach of the chiropractor plays a major role is preventing chronic neck pain. Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC, will try to reduce pain and other symptoms of whiplash rapidly, right from the start of the treatment.

The next major objective of the treatment will be to restore functions that were inhibited because of the injury. This means, the chiropractor will ensure the patient is able to do his normal daily activities, attend work, and take part in recreational activities. This process will be gradual depending on the severity and extent of the injury.

The treatment process will also include doing certain exercises, which are meant for building fitness levels, correcting faulty movements, and reducing instability. Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC will chart out a customized treatment plan after conducting a thorough examination of the patient and studying his medical history. Different treatments can be combined and various strategies are used to reduce the recovery period and avoiding the setting of chronic pain.

Quality of Life Reduced Drastically

After a car accident, timely and correct chiropractic treatment could mean the difference between early recovery and suffering chronic pain. Many times the accident victim will not experience pain or other symptoms of whiplash for a days, weeks, and even months. However, once the symptoms surface there could be a rapid deterioration in the condition and cause severe and apparent health issues.

Remove all Doubt and see a Chiropractor

Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC will not only detect whiplash injuries but also provide the most effective treatment plan for avoiding chronic symptoms. Whiplash injury should not be taken lightly, and must been diagnosed by an experienced chiropractor immediately after an auto accident. Assumptions about your health should not be made by you if you do not have the medical expertise of a chiropractor.

Many people think sciatica is a small issue and try out different treatments on their own. This can in fact be terribly dangerous and aggravate the issue further. It is fundamental to consult a specialist such as Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC, who will make the right diagnosis and provide the correct treatment option.

No Reason to Wait

It is crucial to make the right diagnosis in the beginning because sciatica can be caused due to different reasons in different people, and the chiropractor will be able to detect early if the person might be progressing towards a serious problem.

Depending on the diagnosis, Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC will formulate a customized treatment plan for each patient, since there are different conditions that are responsible for compressing nerve roots and causing sciatica. Most of the time multiple treatment alternatives have proved to be the most effective and such options could include:

  • Chiropractic manipulations and physical therapy for relieving pressure on the nerve
  • Application of heat and ice for relieving severe pain
  • Anti-inflammatory medications such as naproxen, ibuprofen for relieving inflammation
  • In certain cases epidural steroid injections might also be given for reducing inflammation around the root of the nerve

Surgery is usually the last step and is the route to consider when non-invasive treatments have failed, or when the patient has waited too long to see an expert and the condition has worsened.

A Treatment for every Patient

With the right treatment, most people suffering from sciatica recover within a few weeks. However, depending on the severity of the problem, some patients might take much longer. Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC, keeps a watch on the recovery process, and accordingly adjusts the type and intensity of the treatment according to individual patient needs.

It is advisable for people who suffer from sciatica, not to have surgery very soon or very late. Most patients like to avoid surgery, but in certain cases, it might be the best avenue to walk down for relieving intense pain quickly. Surgery could also be the most prudent choice when the patient has lost considerable function and mobility due to sciatica condition.

The type of surgical procedure will also depend on the underlying condition that is causing the pressure on the nerve. For instance, for treating spinal stenosis, lumbar laminectomy is recommended, whereas for herniated disc it is usually microdiscectomy.

Not doing anything is not a Viable Solution

Many people believe that bed rest can cure sciatica; however, this is a misconception. Bed rest may be tremendous for a couple of days when the condition flares up initially, but continuously avoiding all activity can lead to more pain and even worsening of the condition. Therefore, you need to consult Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC, as soon as you experience pain. 

Running can cause pain, which may be something much more than soreness. If you are experiencing constant discomfort or severe pain after running then you should consult Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC. A period of physical therapy is highly beneficial for rebuilding muscle strength and repairing any soft tissue damage.

Requirements for Runners

Most runners like to get back to running as soon as they can. However, sometimes physical therapy, which is the first line of defense, may not be enough to set right a severe problem quickly. Physical therapy is mainly aimed at improving coordination and strengthening muscles and tendons, but some runners might need further chiropractic care for improving joint mobilization, as well. With Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC, you can expect highly advanced care incorporating the best techniques for soft tissue repair and joint mobilization.

In a healthy body, all aspects work well together, and a chiropractor will see if all body joints are moving correctly and in co-ordination with the soft tissues. Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC does a thorough evaluation of body biomechanics including how you move, stand, and the way your foot arches. The chiropractor will also check the alignment of your hips and knees.

Evaluation and Treatment

After a thorough evaluation, a sports chiropractor will decide the specific treatment or therapy that is required for the person, according to his needs. All chiropractic healing techniques are mainly natural, which means they are designed to jumpstart the natural healing mechanism of the body for regeneration of health cells.

For running injuries, Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC will mainly apply four types of treatment:

EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation)

As the name suggests, electrical pulses are applied for stimulating and contracting surface muscles, with the objective of releasing tension. This technique will also complement the other healing techniques. 

ART (Active Release Technique)

In this technique the chiropractor will apply pressure while moving the joint of the patient through ranges of motions. ART is a combination of stretching and massaging techniques mainly used for deep muscle adhesion.

Dry Needling

Deep stimulation is provided to muscles with needles for triggering deeper points and releasing tension. There is flexor muscle in the hip, critical for runners, which usually needs this type of treatment.

Graston Technique

This is a therapeutic technique mainly used for releasing adhesion and breaking down scar tissues. The chiropractor uses stainless steel tools for breaking scar tissues at the surface level.

Participating in sports is excellent for staying fit and maintaining impressive or at least decent health. However, most athletes suffer injuries regularly or at least once in a while. These injuries occur mainly due to overstraining and not wearing the required safety gear for the sport, not stretching out properly, trying to do too much, or just some terrible luck.

Even Athletes need Help Staying Healthy

While athletes try to break records and improve their own potential, there is marvelous chance of musculoskeletal issues and injuries. Unfortunately, even a minor injury can be a serious setback for an athlete who has managed to maintain a sterling record. Timely treatment from expert Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC would the best option for a faster recovery.

Sports injuries need special type of attention and treatment, which may not be possible for all chiropractors. First, the chiropractor should be able to recognize the value of competitive sports and its importance to the patient. Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC not only provides expert treatment for sports injuries but also appreciates the ambitions of players, and works hard to keep their spirits up.

This is not just for professional athletes but also for recreational ones as well. Anyone who is injured and wants to “get their game back” and be as productive in life as possible can benefit from outstanding chiropractor help.  

Offering Clear & Judicious Advice

Even though fast recovery is important for an athlete, an acute chiropractor will not be influenced by outside pressure to compromise on sound judgment. The athlete will be eager to compete, the coach will be unwilling to accept the extent of the injuries, and the parent will want to see their child or even young adult excel. A resolute chiropractor will not allow all these pressures to cloud his judgment, and their patient’s health and fitness will be his highest priority.

Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC is highly experienced and decides promptly on the best mode of treatment. In sports injuries, delays could not only mean jeopardizing the person’s career but also extending the time of recovery and chances of further complications. The chiropractor will have to select quickly the treatment that will work best for the particular injury. There are many methods of treating a particular injury, and an experienced chiropractor will be able to tell which method would work best and in under what situation.

Making the Hard Decision

Lastly, the main goal of Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC is to achieve complete recovery of the patient. Sometimes the chiropractor might have to take a tough decision and embark on a lengthy treatment plan that will guarantee complete recovery, compared to a treatment that is shorter but where there are chances of long term health issues.

If you have suffered an injury while exercising or playing a certain sport, either from just a pick-up basketball game or if you are playing in an official league in any type of physically demanding competition, it is best to have the injury examined by a chiropractor instead of a regular doctor. The chiropractor is a specialist in treating musculoskeletal and soft tissue injuries, which are quite common while engaging in competitive activities.   

Tendonitis is a condition that occurs when a tendon that connects muscle to bone is injured, strained, or not used properly. The result is pain, discomfort, or soreness that could become chronic. Some of the common examples of tendonitis are runner's knee, tennis elbow, and pitcher's shoulder. Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC is an expert at treating tendonitis and is your best option compared to a general physician. 

A Baseball Injury

First, a fine and acute chiropractor will try to diagnose tendonitis by ruling out other causes that might be causing pain such as arthritis or bursitis. This is an important stage in diagnosis, as soreness and pain of tendonitis is quite similar to these conditions. Usually, X-rays, MRI, or CAT scans are used for confirming the diagnosis.

One of the main advantages of chiropractic treatment for tendonitis is that it addresses the main cause rather than simply treating symptoms. The chiropractor will initially use a brace to provide support to the pulled or injured tendon, as the inflammation and stiffness needs to reduce. Depending on the severity and type of tendonitis injury, Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC might prescribe different treatments including manual trigger point therapy, electrical muscle stimulation, and application of ice, massage, or simple temporary immobilization.

Strengthening Your Body

After the injury has healed to a certain extent, strengthening exercises and physical therapy could also be prescribed. For people whose joint mobility has decreased, the chiropractor will perform joint manipulations to restore motion.

Usually, in the initial three weeks of proper treatment, the inflammation and pain will reduce to a considerable extent. However, full recovery in most cases takes around six weeks or more. When the injury is healing, there is formation of scar tissue when the bonding is taking place.

However, this scar tissue will have to be broken down for the muscle and tendon to regain full flexibility, and lessen the chances of further injury. Breaking down of the scar tissue can be done using ultrasound waves or manual massage. Ultrasound treatment could be used also for applying pain solutions and topical nutrients deeper into the affected tissues.

Getting You Back into the Game of Life

If there is no improvement in tendonitis by six months, then it is a chronic condition and treatment becomes much more difficult. Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC is an expert at treating chronic conditions and has many effective approaches for relieving pain and restoring mobility. The chiropractor will check for misaligned joints in the body, as sometimes the pain could be compensatory for injury that might have occurred in some other place in your physical biological structure.

Repetitive stress injury causes carpal tunnel syndrome, and many industrial workers and office employees suffer from this type of injury. The continuous stress could be caused by repetitive motion like working on an assembly line or by typing.

A Vital Solution

The sheer repetition of the same motion over a long period causes the strain and injury. The best chance for quick and full recovery from carpal tunnel syndrome is early diagnosis and proper chiropractic treatment. Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC will first diagnose a repetitive stress injury by physical examination and taking x-rays.

Usually, chiropractic treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome will include manipulation of the affected joint such as the elbow and wrist, and of the upper spine. In many cases, spinal misalignment is known to contribute to symptoms of repetitive stress injury. The chiropractor will perform spinal manipulation to align the spine correctly. This is usually done manually by applying controlled pressure on the joints. Same type of manipulations is done for the arm and wrist as well.


Making You Healthy Again

Ultrasound therapy is also used extensively for treating carpal tunnel syndrome. The chiropractor uses a device that emits focused sound waves that are high or low energy waves falling outside the range of human hearing. These waves penetrate deep within the body tissues and reduce inflammation, alleviate pain, and relax muscles.

For preventing carpal tunnel syndrome or for treating an early-diagnosed condition, use of wrist supports is quite effective. The support will keep the wrist in the intended alignment, which certainly reduces the risk of strain and injury.

Chiropractic is the best option for treating carpal tunnel syndrome, as it is non-invasive and natural form of treatment compared to surgery and taking medications. Many studies have shown that chiropractic is as effective as any allopathic treatment and that too without any side effects.

However, the length and type of treatment will absolutely vary between individuals, depending on the severity and the parts affected by the repetitive stress. Even in chronic cases, chiropractic treatment has sufficiently helped patients in reducing pain and maintaining mobility of the joints.

Working with Your Body

Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC focuses on the structure of the body, especially the spine, and its relative functions. Most problems are caused by spinal misalignments, and they can be corrected with chiropractic manipulations. Secondly, the chiropractor will mainly aim to stimulate the body's natural capacity to heal itself, and therefore it is considered the most natural form of treatment.