Your vertebral column has discs between vertebrae bones that act as shock absorbers. When something goes

wrong with this disc it is commonly referred to as a slipped disc. Even though the disc does not "slip", this term

has stuck for a long time. A better term would be herniated disc, as the softer inside material of the disc is

pushed out of the harder external layer.

This can happen due to many reasons, including being overweight, poor posture, sudden trauma, or

degeneration due to old age. The person might even develop a herniated disc after sneezing or coughing. The

best doctor to consult when you are suffering from a slipped disc would be a specialist like Wirth Chiropractor in

Greenville, NC.

How does Chiropractor Diagnose a Slipped Disc?

When you consult a chiropractor initially, he will thoroughly review your medical history, give you a full

physical examination, and he will do certain neurological and orthopedic tests. The chiropractor will be

checking to see:

 If your reflexes are normal

 Whether there is any sign of wasting or weakness in muscles

 Whether you have lost any sensation along a nerve path

The chiropractor will also review and evaluate your posture, and might order scans or x-rays to confirm his

findings. You may think that you could have some of this yourself but you have no idea how much knowledge a

chiropractor has about proper body movement, bones, nerves, muscles, and so on. The course you were on was

not working; the course you will soon be on will be the correct one.

Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC will thoroughly evaluate your full spine and neck area. The main thing he will be

looking for is any issues with your spine that is causing you pain. Sometimes the pain might be in the leg or

hand, but its cause could be a ruptured disc in your spine. After reviewing all of your medical history and a

thorough physical examination, the chiropractor will diagnose if you have slipped disc or if your pain is caused

due to some other issue.

Chiropractic Treatment Options for a Slipped Disc

Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC will design a customized treatment plan to ease symptoms of your slipped disc.

The treatment plan could include spinal manipulation, therapeutic exercises, and manual therapy. One of the

popular chiropractic treatment techniques for slipped disc is flexion-distraction technique. Here a special table

is used for gently stretching the spine to relieve pressure on the nerves.

Even though the chiropractor might gently massage the painful area, it will not aggravate the pain. Treatment

will also be based on the type of pain you are experiencing, your overall health, and whatever is best suited for

the level of activity you engage in on a daily basis.

Almost everybody experiences muscle cramps sometimes in their lives. A cramp is a sudden involuntary muscle contraction, which can be quite severe. Cramping can occur in almost any muscle, and it can last for a few seconds, minutes, or even over several days.

The duration of the cramp will mainly depend on what has caused the muscle to spasm. Therefore, you need to consult a specialist like Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC, who can do the right diagnosis and prescribe an effective treatment plan accordingly.

Causes of Cramps

Cramps that last over a few seconds to minutes are usually caused by electrolyte imbalance, dehydration, or due to fatigue. The spasm is usually a protective mechanism of the muscle to pain, or it can also be caused by an irritated nerve. If you experience frequent cramps and you need to frequently massage or stretch certain muscles, then it is important to consult Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC, to find the underlying cause.

Most of the time the type of muscle that is cramping will provide clues about the underlying cause. For instance, if it is hamstring muscle, calf muscle, or muscles in the feet that are cramping then the cause is usually dehydration, electrolyte imbalance, or fatigue. You can drink water for the dehydration and this is why you should be hydrating all of the time so this does not happen. But it does happen to active people and the solution is to drink some more water or any water for that matter.

Gatorade is a fine choice for any electrolyte deficiency. On top of that, Gatorade is a fantastic liquid for anyone who wants to maintain a decent amount of energy.

If the disc in the spine is injured then surrounding nerves can become irritated, and cause cramp in the neck, lower back, hand, or forearms. Sometimes cramps can be due to some underlying causes such as neurological conditions, bacterial infection, liver disease, toxins in the body, or due to side effects of certain medications.  

Treatment Options

It is important to consult Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC to find out the main cause of the cramp. For instance, chiropractic treatment is highly effective in relieving spinal joint sprain, which is causing certain muscles to spasm and cramp. If a chiropractor suspects a muscle imbalance, he will take your full medical history and give you a thorough functional examination. Exercise therapy prescribed by a chiropractor is highly effective in such situations.

Suitable Solutions

If there is nerve irritation or some interference that inhibits the muscle, then chiropractic manipulation can be the best treatment choice for you. For calf cramps, a chiropractor may advise drinking at least two liters of water in a day, and certain stretching exercises for the calf muscles before going to bed. If you do manual work or do intense workouts, water consumption will have to be increased and make sure you include adequate amount of carbohydrates in your diet to maintain right levels of glycogen in your muscles.

Facet joints are at the back on both sides of the spine. These joints are encapsulated and they contain synovial fluid, while the joint surfaces have covering which is known as hyaline cartilage. The primary function of facet joints are to provide stability to the spine by controlling excessive extension and rotational movements.

However, excessive movements can cause facet joint sprain, which is mainly injury to the joint capsule, resulting in swelling and pain. The injured person will experience muscle spasm that is a reaction to the pain, which can increase the pain and restrict movements. Facet joint syndrome is one of the common causes of back pain. Hence, if you are suddenly having severe back pain, consult Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC, to have your pain correctly diagnosed.

Facet Joint Sprain Symptoms and Causes

A person suffering from facet joint sprain will typically feel pain on one side of the spine, and there can be referred pain felt in the thigh, groin, or buttock, as well. If facet joints in the mid back are sprained then the person might feel pain along the ribs, and if the neck joint is affected, pain can be felt in the arm, shoulder, and neck.

Mostly these sprains are due to minor repetitive injuries that build up until the particular joint can take it no more. Hence, the person might suddenly experience back pain by simply lifting a fallen paper or it can also be due to an awkward movement. Pain in the facet joint can also be caused by fold inside the joint that projects inwards and it is trapped between the surfaces of the joint. Most people have found almost instant relief with expert manipulation by Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC.

This is not something that is going to go away all by itself. You need a chiropractor to work you through this painful problem.

Treatment Options

Chiropractic manipulation is usually considered the best option, as it relieves muscle spasm, and frees the entrapped fold. However, it is important to have your issue properly diagnosed by Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC, as self-treatment or medication can be dangerous. For instance, rest is often advised initially, but you will also need to do certain movements to prevent this stiffness from lasting or becoming more ingrained.

Terrific Solutions

The chiropractor will advise you on what movements to avoid, and the exercises that are most beneficial for your condition. Usually, it takes four to five treatment sessions for a patient suffering from acute facet joint sprain, for the pain to subside. After that chiropractor will prescribe certain core muscle exercises for developing stability and better spinal control.       

Whiplash is the most common auto injury, and it is caused even when the car is travelling at speeds lower than 10 mph. Hence, when your car has been rear ended or suffered even a "minor" collision, you need to consult a specialist, such as Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville NC, who can give you a thorough physical examination, diagnose the extent of your whiplash injury, and put you on to a customized treatment plan for early and full recovery.

The Wrong Avenue to Take

Ignoring whiplash is a perilous and unwise idea, but most accident victims seem to do this. This is because of two reasons. Firstly, many accidents victims do not experience any symptoms immediately after or even a few days after the accident. Secondly, the doctor in the ER will most probably prescribe painkillers, which will mask the symptoms or provide some temporary relief from the pain.

Analgesic medication and painkillers do not treat the root cause of whiplash trauma and therefore you cannot possibly expect to recover from your injury by these medications. Only a specialist like Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC can properly diagnose whiplash and provide an effective treatment, where there are acute and wonderful chances of a full recovery. 

Therefore, when you ignore visiting a chiropractor after auto accident, you could be putting yourself at risk of chronic symptoms and even disability. Here are some of the symptoms that can become more intense, if you are not taking the right treatment:

  • Severe pain in shoulders and neck, which can become chronic
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Feeling dazed or not being able to concentrate
  • Memory loss
  • Feeling fatigued without doing much physical work, and not being able to sleep
  • Increased anxiety, irritability, and sense of insecurity
  • Giving into feeling of despair and depression
  • Imbalance, dizziness, or vertigo
  • Unable to bear noise that did not cause any problems before

Failure to treat whiplash can also lead to very serious problems such as early onset of arthritis, osteoporosis, or other musculoskeletal issues. Such issues coupled with chronic pain can be debilitating and may even cause life-long disabilities, which might not be treatable.

Underestimate Whiplash at Your Own Peril

Therefore, if you have been in a car accident, and even if your vehicle has suffered minimum damage, you must consult With chiropractic in Greenville, NC. Chiropractic examination is pivotal to detect signs of whiplash and for treating this issue effectively. Do not take whiplash lightly, since it can lead to very serious issues later.

Running or jogging is fantastic and exceptional for your health, but it can also cause certain injuries. You can suffer from acute trauma like a torn ligament or sustain injuries due to overuse. If you like running then it is best to consult a specialist like Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC, who not only effectively treats such injuries but also provides expert advice for avoiding many running injuries. Here are some common running injuries, the way to avoid them, and the chiropractic care available for treating such injuries.


This problem is also called bursitis and it is an overuse injury or condition. There is sac filled with fluid called the bursa, situated between the bone and tendons, which is meant for reducing friction and protecting the tendon. However, running can cause inflammation to this sac, leading to trauma, dysfunction, or increased pressure.

Runners might first feel stiffness and pain, and later there will be visible swelling as the condition becomes worse. Usually ankle, and knee joints are the main areas affected, and this condition can be effectively treated with chiropractic care. If this happens to you do not become overly stressed out. This is what chiropractors, they find ways to get your body right again.

Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fascia is a tissue connecting the heel to the base of toes, and this can often be stretched or torn in runners. The runner might feel tenderness in the foot during morning and the pain often subsides with movement. The pain is usually felt in the heel, radiating towards the ball of the foot.

If you want to avoid this injury, then you should regularly stretch the Achilles tendon and calf. However, you should have your feet checked for biomechanical issues from Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC. You might be prescribed shoe inserts or insoles for correcting your foot posture or improper walking patterns.

Shin Splints

This condition will cause discomfort or pain in the shinbone. The pain could be felt inside, outside, or in front of the shin. This could be caused due to fallen arches, muscle fatigue, running on very hard surfaces, absence of warm-up, improper shoes, or faulty posture.

If you are suffering from shin main, have your condition checked by Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC who will detect the underlying cause and prescribe the right treatment. You might be asked to with wear quality running shoes that have shock-absorbing soles, improve your running technique to reduce impact, and do proper warm-ups with calf stretches.

Runners suffering from stress injuries should have their condition checked immediately from Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC, since these injuries are serious and they can lead to further chronic issues. 

Many times, in accident cases involving children, the defense or the insurance company claim that kids are not likely to be injured in auto collisions. However, statistics provided by National Center for Health Statistics suggest otherwise. According to them, the most prevalent cause of accidental death or serious injuries in children is from a motor vehicle accident. Therefore, it is a ludicrous claim that children cannot suffer from an auto accident.

Just because you spend $100 or more on a child safety seat which is mandatory by law does not mean that child is completely safe from impacting another car. In fact, they may be even more at risk because they do not know how to brace themselves or tighten up their body and neck muscles to help them prepare for impact. They do not know what is about to happen. This is not the case with an adult.

Not Fully Developed

In case your child is involved in an auto accident, it is very important to consult a specialist like Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC, after the required visit to the ER. The musculoskeletal and spinal components in your child will be in their development stages, which mean they will be less strong and more susceptible to injuries.

Secondly, the head size of kids is usually larger in proportion to their body size, which makes them more prone to serious whiplash injuries. Even a "minor" rear collision where the vehicle is travelling at less than 10 mph, could cause severe whiplash trauma, where the head of your child will be thrown backwards and forwards.

Whiplash injuries are very common in auto accidents, but children could be more at risk to such injuries. The level of injury will mainly depend upon on their position and seating, and their level of physical development. Especially, younger children have less developed connective tissues and muscles that greatly increase the risk of neurological and spinal joint injuries due to whiplash trauma.

In many cases, whiplash injuries may not be detected in children by the doctor in the ER, due to lack of communication or because the child may not be experiencing any symptoms now.

Correcting a Bleak Future Outlook

Hence, it is crucial to have your child examined by a Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC after an auto accident. The chiropractor will conduct a thorough physical examination and he will check to see whether your child's movements are restricted in any way. Such examination is crucial in detecting possible musculoskeletal and neurological injuries. Timely detection of injuries plays an important role in the recovery and cure. If injuries remain undetected or if they are misdiagnosed, it can lead to severe complications and even permanent disabilities in your child.

A Game Plan for Recovery

Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC will order further tests like x-rays and scans to confirm diagnosis and for gauging the level of auto injury in your child. The chiropractor will then chart out a customized treatment plan that is best suited for your child's condition and quick recovery.

Many children are interested in sports, and many now start at an early age. For instance, figure skating is becoming more popular, and kids are starting training on ice when they are just two or three years old. Gymnastics and swimming in the same way and playing Little League baseball for many kids is almost essential.

Many of these sports or athletic activities are quite demanding on their young bodies, and you need a specialist like Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC to provide the right advice and treatment in case of injuries. A chiropractor will not only help in optimizing your kid's performance, but also help in minimizing injuries.

Athletic Capabilities Increased

According to official studies conducted by Journal of Clinical Investigation and Chiropractic Research, three months of chiropractic care was able to improve reaction time of athletes by 30%. In another journal, studies showed that baseball players under treatment from chiropractors were able to improve their capillary count, resulting in better circulation and quality of blood, which is extremely important for healing, muscle function, and athletic performance.

The Right Advice is Important for Kids

Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC has been providing expert guidance to athletic kids, which helps them prevent injuries and develop better play. Such advice will include eating the right type of snacks and meals, consuming adequate amounts of water, maintaining the right body weight, and taking enough physical rest. A chiropractor can also provide crucial advice about using gym and sports equipment correctly, tackling adequate warming up exercises, and cooling down the body properly after engaging in athletic activities.

A Growing Problem

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, athletes in schools across the country suffer two million injuries each year, and over 30,000 kids are hospitalized because of their athletic injuries. In the past three years, there is 26% increase in injuries in girls participating in cheerleading activities, where they had to be rushed to the ER. Serious injuries are now very common in kids who play football and other contact sports such as martial arts and boxing.

Role of a Chiropractor

Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC will firstly help your kids by educating them on how to avoid injuries. Wirth Chiropractic will make sure; your kid has been assessed correctly in order to qualify for a particular sport or category. Secondly, if your kid has a history of sports injuries, then it is crucial to know the risks of future injuries from a chiropractor. He will be able to provide right guidance on how to approach the sport, and the precautions that have to be taken.

Many people suffer from sciatica nerve pain, which starts in the buttock or lower back and radiates to the legs or one leg. The intensity of the pain can vary from minimal to severe, and the frequency could be constant to intermittent. Apart from the pain, some people also experience tingling, numbness, and burning sensations. Sciatica is actually the symptom, and is caused by compression of the sciatic nerve.

This compression can occur due to many reasons including bulging discs, tumors, misalignment of the vertebral column, and injury to the piriformis muscle. Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC will therefore have to diagnose the particular cause of sciatica in a patient and accordingly prescribe an effective treatment.

How does Chiropractor Diagnose Sciatica?

Chiropractor will firstly review the medical history of the patient in detail, and then conduct a thorough neurological and physical examination. To rule out any contraindications and to confirm the diagnosis, a chiropractor will often order further tests such as an x-ray, CT or MRI scan, or tests for checking the velocity of nerve conduction.

Chiropractic Treatment Options for Sciatica

Since there could be different causes for sciatica, Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC will develop a customized treatment plan based on the patient's diagnosis. However, the main aim of chiropractic treatment is aiding the potential of the body to heal itself. Therefore, most chiropractic treatment choices are natural, drug-free, and the least invasive. Some of the treatment modalities are:

Spinal Adjustments


Chiropractic manipulations are highly effective in restoring misalignment of the vertebrae, and freeing up restricted spinal movement. This in turn will reduce irritation on the nerve, which is the main cause of pain, muscle spasm, and inflammation. There are various adjustment techniques and they are all safe and mainly not painful.  

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS)


Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC will use a machine to deliver controlled electric current to stimulate certain muscles. TENS is quite effective in reducing intense pain and muscle spasms.



As the name suggests, a machine generates sound waves, which creates gentle heat that can penetrate deeper inside tissues. Ultrasound therapy will improve circulation in the particular area, and will aid in the reducing pain, muscle stiffness, swelling, cramping, and spasms.

Ice Therapy


In certain cases Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC might prescribe a simple cold therapy by applying ice. This mitigates inflammation and decreases the level of pain.

In certain cases, Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC might recommend another specialty doctor for treating sciatica. However, certain chiropractic treatment might continue and the chiropractor will co-manage the treatment with the other doctor.