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Many of us with either chronic conditions or temporary injuries can attest to the fact that once the sun goes down, our pain levels go up. This can be extremely infuriating when we simply want to relax and settle down to a good night’s rest and yet feel that to be an impossibility due to pain. Scientifically, there is support that if you feel this way you are not wrong. There are many reasons that pain levels can increase during the evening hours, and here are a couple of them.
1. Fewer Distractions. At night, we generally are beginning to wind down and let go of our stresses from the day. This means we let our minds wander and are not focused on so many different things all at the same time. Due to this, we are simply more aware of the pain we have been in throughout the rest of the day once the night comes.
2. Colder Temperatures. This is especially true during the fall and spring months. Although temperatures may be higher during the day, once the sun goes down so does the temperature. It has been long established that cold can affect pain levels and this is simply another way to show this fact. Getting more sore at night may be due to something as simple as how cold or warm it is outside.
3. Carbon Dioxide. Carbon Dioxide causes your veins to dilate. This means that when you are breathing slower at night, whether asleep or just relaxing, your veins can constrict and cause your nerves to be more sensitive. This is a particular problem for people who suffer from fibromyalgia and other nerve disorders.
4. Tired. Sometimes, the answer to things is easy. It may be that your body is just tired from all of the things you did throughout the day. Once your muscles and joints are able to relax, it may become apparent that the buildup of lactic acid has certainly done something to your body throughout the day.
If you experience worse pain at night, then you should come on into Wirth Chiropractic, in Greenville NC. Getting an adjustment may be just what you need to release those pockets of gas and liquid in your joints and start sleeping well again.

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