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There are over six million automobile accidents every year in the US and in around fifty percent cases, the victims suffer serious injuries. While cuts and bruises are quite common, the main type of auto injury is whiplash, and it can have serious effects on the person’s health if it is not detected and treated early. Therefore, it is crucial to consult a chiropractor in Greenville, NC, even when you have suffered minor injuries.

The Response of the Body after an Accident

It may seem quite surprising that a possibly serious injury like whiplash can go undetected. However, this could happen, since the reaction of the body after an accident is unique. Usually, after an accident, most people are worried about the damage done to their car and getting insurance information from the other driver, rather than their own physical condition.

This is because the body secretes adrenaline during the accident, which numbs the pain and you are able to carry on as though nothing has happened. This adrenaline can also mask auto injuries quite effectively, and sometimes the victim may not experience any symptoms for as long as a week or even months. Therefore, chiropractic care Greenville, NC is very important for early detection and timely treatment of auto injuries.

The Genuine Nature of Chiropractic Care

Auto accidents can cause various types of injuries. The person can suffer from spinal misalignment, torn ligaments and muscles, damaged nerves, bulging spinal discs, and damage to the spinal column. These injuries apart from causing pain can have adverse effects on the overall health of the person. Apart from these effects, auto injuries can also lead to degeneration of spinal discs, and early onset of osteoarthritis. A chiropractor Greenville, NC is expert in detecting auto injuries and can formulate effective treatment plan for arresting and curing the condition.

Several studies have also shown that chiropractic care plays a major role in diagnosing and treating whiplash injury, which is the most common type of auto injury. Journal of Orthopedic Medicine has clearly stated the high success rate of 74% to 93% that chiropractic care has had on persons suffering from whiplash injuries.

If you are involved in an auto accident, you need to first pay attention to your physical condition and seek medical attention. If you are not feeling any pain, you should remember that it could be the adrenaline in your body, and it does not necessarily mean that you are not injured. Secondly, a regular physician is not enough and you need chiropractor Greenville, NC to diagnose and treat your auto injuries effectively. 

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