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According to statistics a third of all automobile accidents are rear end collisions. These accidents might not seem serious, since the vehicle sustains minimal damage, but such accidents can cause whiplash injuries to people inside the vehicle. Whiplash is considered one of the serious types of auto injuries and should be treated in time, before the condition worsens. Therefore, visiting Wirth Chiropractic of Greenville, NC is very important after an accident, especially a rear end collision.

When your car is hit from behind, your torso, which is supported by the seat, is propelled forward suddenly. However, in that instance, your head remains stationery, and forced backward violently. This sudden movement causes severe injuries such as tears in the ligaments and front muscles of the neck, spinal disc herniations, and fractures.

When your car has been rear ended, you need to follow these points:

  • An accident report stating the injuries should be filed with the police within 10 days of the accident.
  • Seek treatment from your PHCP (Primary Health Care Provider), and Wirth Chiropractic of Greenville, NC.
  • Usually the PHCP will prescribe pain medications and will treat you for strained or sprained muscles. However, even if your PHCP does not consider your whiplash injury serious enough, it is better to consult a chiropractor to make sure.
  • Check your insurance coverage to see if chiropractic care is covered. It is best to make sure your coverage includes chiropractic care, as it is integral after auto accidents.
    • Stiffness or pain in the neck
    • Stiffness or pain in shoulders or arms
    • Headache
    • Pain in the jaw
    • Weakness in arms
    • Fatigue
    • Dizziness
    • Blurred visions or other issues in seeing
    • Back ache
    • Ringing sound in ears

Detecting Problem Areas

Wirth Chiropractic of Greenville, NC will give you a thorough examination and manipulate your neck and spine to see whether different positions are able to relieve or cause pain. In most cases, the doctor will also take x-rays of the neck to determine the extent of the injury. If x-rays do not provide enough information about the condition, the chiropractor might obtain dynamic x-rays, with the patient’s head leaning backward and forward, or order an MRI scan. Normal x-rays may not reveal instability, which is clearly detected with MRI or dynamic x-rays.

Symptoms that are Serious

If you are involved in an auto accident keep a look out for the following symptoms of whiplash, and consult Wirth Chiropractic of Greenville, NC immediately.

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