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A stiff neck or excruciating pain when you turn your head from side to side is quite common and often disappears within a few days. We all put it down to stress and in many cases it could be the way we position our chair back or sit at a desk and changing that helps.

Common known treatments

Our sleeping habits too are a factor that can contribute to the neck pain problems. You could try using an extra firm pillow or even try some light neck stretching like looking up and down or from side to side to relieve the pain.

However, there are times when the neck is a lot more painful and not just some discomfort that you feel. Maybe it’s time to consult with a chiropractor, but what should make you feel the need to do so?

Reasons or signs to see a chiropractor

If you are undergoing discomfort and severe pain the neck for an extended period of time, you may need to go and see a chiropractor. There is also the possibility that you may feel severe or excruciating pain while turning your head from side to side. It would cause you to feel that you have a serious problem and needed to get help.

There are other factors that would help you in making the decision too. If you were involved in a recent car accident and suffering from whiplash injury, you could need medical help for your neck. Making a note of when you feel most pain is important. If you feel it more in the morning when you wake up and able to cope as the day progresses, it would be a reason to seek medical help.

Some more tell-tale signs of a need to consult with a chiropractor is when the pain starts in the neck, but causes a feeling of numbness or tingling in your hands and wrists. This should not be ignored and self-medication avoided in such cases as it could lead to further complications and longer time to recover. 

On the right track

An x-ray combined with a physical examination of the neck would help the chiropractor prepare a treatment plan which would include neck exercises specific to your problem. He may also suggest physiotherapy sessions and nutritional advice. The treatment would help restore motion to stiff joints and alleviate the pain.

With proper posturing and some quality chiropractic care should put you back on track and be ready to move around the day pain free.

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