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Car accidents start and finish in a matter of seconds. However, these seconds often to seem to last a lifetime. After the car accident, keeping a rational mind and a sane head on your shoulders might be more difficult that you think.

Maintain Your Emotions

Adrenaline is most likely coursing through your veins and the sheer amount of stimulus you are facing is incredible. However, there are a still a few things that need to be done immediately after a car accident. It might be easier on you to understand what needs to be done beforehand so that you will be able to follow the steps even without really thinking about it.

    Be prepared. Always keep a pencil and paper in your glove box. In case of a car accident or a hit-and-run, you might need to jot down pertinent information at a moment’s notice. Also ensure that you have all necessary medical information in your car.

    Stay calm. Though it may sound difficult to be calm when every nerve ending in your body is telling you to panic, it has to be done. Try to stay focused and attentive, and take in all the information.

    Are you injured? This is perhaps the most crucial thing to do after an auto accident – check if you or any of the passengers in your car are injured. If you are injured or are not sure, call for an ambulance. It is better to be safe than sorry in such a situation. Your health and the health of your passengers has to be top priority.

    Document it all. Even if you were in a minor car accident, insurance claims will require you to document every single thing that took place. Notify the police officials who will document the accident and put it on record.

    Don’t sign any documents unless it is official police work or a document given to you by your insurance agent. Of course, do not sign any waiver.

    Don’t tell anyone that you were at fault in the auto accident. This is information that you should share only with your attorney.

    Take care of yourself. After the immediate aftermath of the car accident is over, make an appointment to see your chiropractor. Even if you are not feeling injured, chances are that your body has suffered through significant whiplash and strain. A visit to the chiropractor will ensure that even the smallest of injuries are discovered before they have serious long-term effects on your health.

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