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Fortunately, not every car accident results in an injury. It may just be a minor fender-bender or a shallow scrape in the paint job. But more serious collisions can leave one or both parties with bumps, bruises, and significant pain. If you fall into the latter category, you might be at a loss. What should you do now? How can you make the first steps toward recovery, both physically and financially? Wirth Chiropractic is here with some tips to consider as you tend to the legal and medical ramifications of your injuries.

1. Seek Comprehensive Medical Evaluation

As soon as the accident occurs, you’ll need to contact the authorities to file a report. North Carolina law states that an accident involving passenger injuries must be reported. At this time, you may be evaluated by a paramedic on the scene, but you may also want to visit your primary physician for a checkup. Whatever you do, be sure to list any injuries or pains for the record.

2. Hire Legal Representation

A personal injury attorney will provide you with the skills and expertise needed to navigate the process. As an individual who suffered injuries in a car accident, you will likely be entitled to compensation. Your attorney can help you gather evidence, file claims, and even represent you in court, if necessary.

3. Maintain a Record of Injuries & Expenses

This is a crucial part of the process that must be taken seriously. Your injuries must be treated, but treatment often takes a considerable amount of money. Record any expenses that are linked to your recovery, including doctor’s appointments, medical therapies, and hospital visits. Moreover, keep a detailed log of your injuries. How have they improved? How have they gotten worse? Are you noticing any new or unusual symptoms? This can be used to keep doctors and insurance agencies informed of your progress.

4. Keep Yourself on Track

Do everything you can to promote a speedy recovery. That means making your medical appointments and checkups a priority. You might also consider trying new therapies that may be unfamiliar to you, such as chiropractic. Claims and expenses can be aided by an attorney, but your recovery is up to you.

Wirth Chiropractic: Get Back to Being You

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