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Whiplash injury is the most common type of injury in auto accidents and there has been a hefty dose of research conducted to find out what are the factors involved in influencing and obtaining a quicker recovery. This injury is caused by the sudden flexion and extension of the neck muscles, as the head is thrown backwards and forwards violently, when the vehicle is rear-ended.

A Tale of Two Different Types of Doctors

Most victims, who suffer from whiplash trauma, recover within a few months provided they have consulted an expert doctor such as Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC in a timely manner. However, many victims who ignore symptoms or simply rely on pain medication prescribed by a regular medical doctor can end up with recurring pain and chronic issues.

Is it Possible to Predict a Recovery for Whiplash Victims?

There has been extensive research conducted for this, and the sort answer is yes, it is possible to predict the recovery to a certain extent. The main aspect that helps a chiropractor predict your recovery period is the level of pain you feel after three weeks of sustaining the whiplash injury. If you rate the pain on a ten-point scale, patients whose pain level is less than five are most likely to recover quickly. Others may take up to a year or more, and some might even end up with chronic symptoms.

According to the research, another factor that can influence your chances of acquiring full recovery is surprisingly the expectation of the patient. In 2004-2005, whiplash injury insurance claims were researched in Sweden. After three weeks from the date of accident, the claimants were asked whether they were confident of recovering fully.

The study showed that claimants who expected to make a recovery were four times more likely to make a full recovery within six months, while others would suffer from some form of disability or chronic issue for a much longer period of time or indefinitely. Being confident seemed to be a difference maker.

Why is Chiropractic Treatment Important for a Quick Recovery?

After an auto accident, it is critical to consult Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC to have your whiplash injury correctly diagnosed and to receive the right treatment. These are pivotal factors for an early recovery, since a general doctor cannot do much and can only provide temporary pain relief.

Research shows that chiropractic adjustments and manipulations are the most effective forms of treatment, which not only mitigate the pain and restore motion but also address the main cause of the injury. Secondly, most patients feel immediate relief after undergoing a chiropractic session, which boosts their expectations of a full recovery by a large degree.

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