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One of the largest misconceptions and unanswered questions that we hear at Wirth is regarding the ages of our patients. Many people think that you have to be between certain ages in order for chiropractors to take you on as a patient. Luckily for you this is not true. In fact, here at Wirth we welcome people of all ages and will never turn someone away due to how long they have been on this Earth. If you have a pulse, you are more than welcome in our office!
There is a belief that many people seem to hold that you should not bring a child to a chiropractor. This is normally because people think that you need to let a child fully grow and develop before anyone can touch their joints or it may damage their body. This is simply not true. In fact, there have been studies done which show that children and teens that have regular chiropractic care may have easier developments than those who don’t. This is because children often run around and play and this may result in some compression of their joints. Chiropractic care helps to correct this and may even mean that kids grow up stronger than they would otherwise.
Another large school of thought is that the elderly cannot go to chiropractors due to their brittle bones. While a lot of our older relatives do have more fragile bones, some have ones just as strong as the rest of us. It is also very rare that anyone has a bone broken while under chiropractic care regardless of age. Remember that we mostly manipulate joints and therefore are not often in a position to cause damage to the bone itself. In fact, due to the higher rates of arthritis in the elderly, it is suggested that they come in for treatment more than some of their younger counterparts.
The bottom line for us here at Wirth Chiropractic is we want to see everyone. We love knowing that we have made a difference in each and every life that walks through our door. We will do our best to treat anyone regardless of age or any other factor that may make a difference in their life. Come on in today and see how much better you feel walking back out!

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