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Another week has gone by and I hope everyone has used some of the tips from previous weeks to help feel better. Once again, we want to make sure everyone stays safe even while attempting to follow some of these wellness tips. Here are some to try now that it’s a little cooler and the threat of heat stroke and heat exhaustion is much lower.
1. Walk More. One of the best ways to keep yourself active is to walk around often. Now, I’m not saying you need to walk seventeen miles a day, but even just a couple of turns around the neighborhood or a couple of laps of the local mall if you’re not too fond of the outside are better than nothing. Try working up to a certain distance that you can walk each day. Park at a farther spot in the parking lot than you normally would. Buy a pedometer. They even have apps which can motivate you to walk, jog, or even run depending on your skill level. Every little bit will help in keeping yourself healthy.
2. Avoid Allergens. This one is a bit more difficult, but as those of you with allergies know, this time of year is one of the worst. Fall and spring cause the worst reactions among those who suffer from allergies, which can cause extreme discomfort. There are currently scientific studies being conducted which are looking into if chiropractic care can help ease allergy symptoms, however we don’t have the results yet. This simply means you should come into Wirth and see for yourself if it seems to help until we have proof one way or the other.
3. Open Windows. If you suffer from allergies, this one is one to ignore. However, if you do not, you should at least consider opening a couple of windows at least during the day and letting some fresh air into the house or apartment you live in. Stagnant air is a breeding ground for germs and not having any circulation is not good for your lungs or your immune system.
Hopefully these tips, along with those which have been shared previously, will help you stay healthy for these next few months. Everyone reacts differently to the changing of seasons, so keep an eye on your loved ones and if something seems off, be sure to get it checked. Otherwise, come on in to Wirth Chiropractic and get some pain relief today!

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