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There are tiny things that we can do in our lives to make them easier and safer. These are things like using a surge protector on your electrical sockets or preparing your food for the week ahead of time can make a lot of difference when something goes wrong and takes up your time. Even things like wearing sunblock or bug spray can help keep you comfortable and healthier in the long run, even if it does take a little bit of extra time at the beginning of the day to take those precautions. If these kinds of things are easy enough to do and can have such positive benefits, then imagine doing an even quicker and easier task that can save your life with no downsides.

While driving is often stressful and dangerous, there is one thing that you can do at the beginning of any trip to make it far less frightening. It only takes a couple of seconds, and yet so many people don’t take that extra time. I am talking about wearing your seat belt. While I’m sure most of us have seen the “Click It Or Ticket” movement which attempts to get people to regularly use their seat belts, there are still large numbers of drivers who don’t. While there may be some cars that are still on the road from before seat belts were required by law, there’s a reason they aren’t made without them anymore.

Some people complain that wearing their seat belts feels uncomfortable. They rub at your skin, and if you’re in the car for hours they can really hurt. Thankfully, there are devices that can make the belt more comfortable, such as sleeves that fold around the belt to prevent the cutting sensation that many people complain about. As long as you are wearing your belt, your chances of surviving a crash increase dramatically. That’s why it is important to get comfortable wearing your seat belt all the time!

If you were in an accident, come into Wirth Chiropractic today. Whether you had your seat belt on or not, chiropractic care after a car crash can always help. We know that it isn’t always easy to keep yourself safe, but if a simple strip of fabric can help save your life, we encourage you to make a conscious decision to wear it responsibly. Give us a call today and see when you can make an appointment so we can help your pain!

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