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Driving around can be a great way to decompress and allow yourself to relax after a long day. Getting out of the mind space that you were in as you worked or ran errands can be cathartic and having a clear road with some of your favorite music is one of the best ways to clear your head as long as you can take the rest of the day off. This relaxing time can quickly turn stressful, however, if you suddenly find that your visibility is poor. Not being able to see where you’re driving can be frightening and dangerous, which is the exact opposite of what you want to be behind the wheel.

There are many reasons your visibility can be hindered while driving. Rain, snow, and as we have it here in Eastern North Carolina, a lot of bright sunlight. It’s important to remember that, since your vision influences your brain to act, there are some things you should do when you can’t see on the road. One of the ways to combat this is by taking another route. Okay, with snow and rain this may help only a little bit, but won’t alleviate the problem all together. Taking a route that has more trees or shelter can lessen the amount of presipitation that clutters your windshield, and also helps to shield you from sunlight. While one route can position you looking directly into the sun’s beams, other routes may position it from your sides, or behind your car. You won’t need to worry about not seeing the car ahead of you, and you can be relieved knowing those behind you can see you as well.

Another way to mitigate visibility issues is by planning ahead, and making sure your vehicle is in proper driving condition. We suggest driving as little as possible when, say, your windsheild wipers or defrost functions aren’t working. These parts may not be top of mind most of the time, but when you need them, you sure NEED them. A good pair of sunglasses and use of car visors (you know, that part above your head on the windshield) will benefit your ability to see in bright sunlight, so a pair for your car is always a good thing to have.

Here at Wirth Chiropractic, we know just how stressful driving is when you can’t see correctly. We want to remind you that watching your speed is always important, but it is even more so when conditions are poor. Always be sure to be alert and aware of what other cars are doing in this situation as well. If you were in a crash due to poor visibility, give us a call, and see how we can help with your pain. You’ll be amazed at the difference we can make!


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