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Neck aches are not just painful, but also can be debilitating and affect the quality of life. Neck pain can occur due to several reasons, including repetitive stress to the neck region, trauma, and inflammation. It has been observed many people complaining of neck pain often have repetitive stress injuries due to their occupation.

Even sporting activities, poor work posture, prolonged periods of sitting in the same position and household chores can result in neck pain.

How to Manage Neck Pain

You definitely should visit a chiropractor to get the cause of the pain diagnosed and get treated for it. However, you also can do your bit to help reduce pain and improve quality of your life. Here are a few things you can do yourself even without visiting a chiropractor.

1. Refrain from Sitting or Standing for Extended Period: Do not sit or stand for too long, as these are one of the main reasons for neck pain. Poor posture and sedentary lifestyle can cause your muscles to stiffen, resulting in pain. If your work involves standing or sitting for long, take frequent breaks to stretch and get moving. You can do short 5 minute exercises to work out those muscles and get the circulation going.

2. Look at Ergonomics: It is important your chair and table are optimized to ensure optimal musculoskeletal health. The chair should give adequate support to your back, especially the lumbar region, and it should be at the right height. Make sure the computer screen is in level with your eyes, so that you don’t assume a neutral sitting position. Don’t round your shoulders, as it will stress out your back muscles, resulting in neck and back pain.

3. Learn to Relax: Yes, modern life is stressful and hectic, but you take time to relax your muscles and loosen them. Try doing stretches, going for a walk during your lunch break and performing breathing exercises. If you have the time, enroll for yoga classes. This will help relax the tension in your shoulder and neck muscles and prevent neck pain from occurring.

4. Seek Chiropractic Care: While you can take medication to ease the pain, it is best to visit a chiropractor if you suffer from frequent and/or persistent neck pain. If the problem lies with your cervical spine, the chiropractor can treat it through spinal adjustments and manipulation. Remember wearing a collar for neck pain is no longer the treatment of choice because it doesn’t address the cause of the pain. So, don’t even think of it.

The key to pain-free life is getting the right treatment and a chiropractor is perfectly placed to offer you such a treatment.

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