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Whether you have been diagnosed with a whiplash injury, suffer from chronic headaches or have sustained a sports injury, chiropractic care is one of the best alternative holistic treatments out there. It will get you on the path to recovery and ensure you get back to normal life quickly. This said, there are many myths about chiropractic care that prevents people from seeking the services of a trained and qualified chiropractor.

Here are the top 3 myths about chiropractic care.

Myth 1: If you visit a chiropractor once, you have to keep returning for spinal manipulation to stay healthy.

This is not true. When you visit a qualified chiropractor, he will take down your complete medical history and also perform a thorough physical examination. This helps the chiropractor determine the cause of the problem. Based on the observations made, the chiropractor will make a diagnosis and then create a treatment plan.

Initially, you would have to visit the chiropractor for a certain number of visits to check your progress and address your concerns. The decision to continue with chiropractic care rests solely with the patient. If you feel you are benefitting, you can continue until the end of the treatment plan or you also can stop the treatment after letting the practitioner know.

Myth 2: A chiropractic practitioner is not a real doctor.

On the contrary, a chiropractor also has to study as extensively as physicians and dentists and only after completing their degree program, the practitioner is conferred the title of a doctor. You can rest assured, a trained and qualified chiropractor has to obtain a doctorate in chiropractic studies and therefore is equipped to diagnose and perform spinal manipulation. They may not have to take all the classes that a medical doctor has to take but so what, those classes having nothing to do with a chiropractor’s field.

Medical doctors have not taken the classes nor have the training to do what a chiropractor does.

Myth 3: Chiropractic manipulation is a painful experience.

Typically, joint manipulation and adjustment are not painful. Many people experience immediate relief from the pain. However, the cracking and popping sounds made during the adjustments and manipulation can be unnerving. It is believed the joints make these sounds because gas bubbles are released from them.

Don’t let myths stop you from seeking chiropractic care. If you have a joint injury due to a car accident, chiropractic is perfect for alleviating pain and discomfort and facilitating healing. Take time to understand how chiropractic care can prove to be the perfect healthcare partner and you will not let the myths stop you from opting for manipulations and adjustments. Just make sure you check the experience and credentials of the chiropractor to ensure the finest care.

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