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Unfortunately, automobile accidents are becoming more common, and when you are lucky, you suffer only some cuts and bruises. However, your injuries may not be as minor as they seem, as certain injuries may remain undetected and cause severe problems later. Therefore, it is best to consult Chiropractor Greenville, NC after an auto accident.

Why Certain Auto Injuries Remain Hidden?

In most automobile accidents, the person could be jerked sideways, or could be thrown violently forward or backwards. These sudden movements could cause the spine to misalign or could create tears in the muscles of the back and/or neck. The doctor who attends to you in the emergency room will check your body for wounds and cuts, and ask you if there is any pain. In most cases, the doctor will prescribe a standard painkiller or muscle relaxant. Generally, after an accident, most people do not suffer severe pain and therefore the doctor may not conduct a thorough examination. In such instances, the muscle tear or spinal misalignment can remain hidden and cause severe issues later.

The Chiropractor’s Role

Chiropractor Greenville, NC is a medical professional trained in detecting and treating hidden soft tissue injuries, especially the ones suffered after an auto accident. This professional is also an expert on evaluating the spine for abnormalities or damage. If after the auto accident, you start experiencing neck or back pain or you suffer from consistent headaches, you definitely need to get yourself checked by a chiropractor. These symptoms should not be ignored even if they are mild, as they can worsen with time if they are not treated.

An experienced Chiropractor Greenville, NC will conduct a thorough examination at the very first consultation and may take some x-rays or scans to determine the extent of your injuries. Based on the results and examination, an assessment is made for formulating an effective treatment plan.


Depending on the type and extent of your auto injuries, chiropractor Greenville, NC will prescribe a suitable treatment option. For instance, if there is minor misalignment of your spine, the chiropractor might correct it with manual manipulation. Equipment that generate heat or sonic vibrations might also be used for stimulating blood vessels, muscles, and bones. This will improve circulation and hasten the healing process. The chiropractor might also instruct you to do certain breathing and stretching exercises that are conducive for your healing. You might also have to undergo deep tissue massages, and application of heat packs, depending on your auto injuries.

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