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According to a study done in 2013 by Swiss chiropractors, there is no measurable difference between an epidural shot or spinal adjustment therapy in regards to fixing a lumbar disc herniation. Using data from two groups, the doctors followed the patients and discovered that there was no leaning one way or the other as to if one was a better treatment. There were 51 matched cases of patients who had lumbar disc herniation that had been confirmed through an MRI machine. Although other studies have found this effective, there is normally a lack of evidence or the complaints are lumped into “lower back pain” and an actual source is not sought out.
Although there were some issues with this study (low sample size, non-varied demographic), chiropractors have stated that they think the findings were sound. Other scientists and doctors have disagreed, and unfortunately most seem to be at an impasse on which side is right.
Some of the issues others have with the statement include the fact that injection patients were seen once while chiropractic patients were seen multiple times for treatment. Although this was to be expected, many doctors have claimed it was unfair that chiropractors got to see their patients multiple times to assess their progress while the doctors that gave injections could not continue treatment in the same way.
Another problem that many people had with the study is that the responses were taken over the phone. Some claim that phone interviews are much more likely to yield positive responses instead of paper questionnaires which people have a tendency to be more truthful on. Also, this was a subjective test as opposed to objective since the doctors asked the patients how they felt after and had no single way to measure the difference between pain levels before and after treatment.
The last problem many of the doctors refuting this claim had was that, according to them, the patients who received the epidural injections had a higher level of pain to start with than those who received the chiropractic care. Also, it was not a randomized test and either the doctor or patient decided which treatment they would receive.
All in all, most studies need to be taken with a grain of salt. Not everyone will always agree on even the most irrefutable proof when it is placed in front of them. However, if you would like to see for yourself how much chiropractic care can help, call us here at Wirth today.

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