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Many medical subjects can come with people who don’t believe it is the best route to take. Some people dislike the medicinal route, some others believe that natural or homeopathic treatments are no good. Others dislike attempts at medicine and treatment like chiropractic research. A quick internet search can show the very binary opinions in regards to this medical work. Although some of the responses from a search show how many people find relief through chiropractic work, it also reveals the bias against it. In a quick look through the results, you can see terms like “pseudoscience” and “tooth fairy science” to explain chiropractic care. Chiropractors are referred to as “quacks” and “slacker doctors”. Although this may seem rather upsetting, you need to realize that there is a reason that so many people don’t agree with the work that we do here at Wirth.
There has always been a bias against chiropractic care in the medical community. Many people believe that since there is no medication prescribed, no needles, and no surgery that it is not “real science”. People refer to chiropractic care as alternative medicine which, for most, conjures up images of old wives tale cures that have been proven ineffective. Alternative medicine is nothing more than something that is non-conventional, such as acupuncture or herbs to help treat a variety of ailments. The problem with chiropractic medicine being treated as alternative is the lack of federal funding.
Due to the belief that chiropractic medicine is alternative due to no surgery or pills, the amount of funding that is funneled into research for the betterment of chiropractic care is slim to none. This creates a vicious cycle of no funding and ignorance of what many know to be fact in regards to the good that a simple chiropractic adjustment can do. Many chiropractors face bias when with other doctors due to these beliefs and it allows the ignorance to grow.
If you are concerned that chiropractic care is “quack medicine”, we invite you to come in and sit down with us to have a talk. There has been a large misunderstanding between chiropractors and other practices of medicine that we want to help erase. If you sit down and allow yourself to realize that many in the medical community have been misguided in regards to this, you will begin to see that chiropractic care is just as viable as any other type to treatment.

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