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Many auto accidents occur when the vehicles are travelling at slow speed, and there is minimal damage to the vehicles. The people in the car sustain minor injuries, meaning these injuries are not life threatening. However, the passengers and driver of the vehicle that is hit can suffer significant trauma. Therefore, even people who have suffered “minor” injuries can end up with chronic pain and disabilities.

One such common auto accident injury is whiplash, where the head of the victim is violently jerked forward and backwards due to the impact from another vehicle. The impact might be minor, but the resultant movement induced to the head and neck is quite severe. This injury can only be diagnosed and treated effectively by Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC, rather than a general physician.

The Wrong Shape

Unfortunately, whiplash injury cannot be avoided by any safety feature in the car. The seatbelt will only stop the movement of the body, but there is no stopping the neck snapping back and forth. The effect of whiplash trauma not only affects the cervical spine but the rest of the spine too. Due to the impact, the spine is pushed out of its normal position of a C shape, and takes on an S shape. The unnatural shape that takes place shortly will cause trauma to the spinal discs and ligaments in the back.

Known Symptoms

Symptoms of whiplash injury include headaches, pain, and sore spots in the neck, shoulders, and back, nausea, and many more. However, the accident victim might not experience these symptoms for a day, weeks, and even months. This does not necessarily mean the victim is not suffering from whiplash, and therefore a thorough examination by Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC is very important after an auto accident.

Apart from whiplash trauma, many accident victims suffer injury to their ankles. The ankle is a weak spot, and the injury can occur when the foot slips from the pedal, or when the interior cavity has caved in. In accidents where the vehicle is travelling at over 45 mph, injury or trauma to the spine usually occurs. The force of the impact will jar the body, and the spine will absorb most of the impact. This invariably results in bruising of ligaments, disc herniation, and in severe cases, the vertebrae will be broken.

The Body can only Take so Much

Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC is a specialist in treating all types of soft tissue trauma, and these injuries mostly occur in car crashes. Therefore, apart from a general health practitioner, you must consult a chiropractor as well after auto accident.

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