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Trampolines are tons of fun for the kids, and even some adults like to get in on the fun every once in a while. But as fun as they are, they can be pretty dangerous. There are numerous risks involved with traditional backyard trampolines. As a current or potential trampoline owner, you must be aware of these risks and the steps you can take to protect your loved ones from harm. Without further ado, let’s jump into it!


One of the first and most important things you can do is put a safety net around the trampoline. This can prevent mis-bounces from becoming anything more serious and keep jumpers from toppling off the edge.


The springs surrounding the main jumping mat are what make the trampoline bouncy. But little fingers can easily get caught in the springs when climbing on or off or sitting too close to the edge. Invest in a safety wrap to prevent injury.


Trampolines have a tendency to collect leaves, twigs, and other debris blown in by the wind. Before use, make sure that the jumping mat is clear of all debris. This will protect against cuts, scrapes, and serious eye injuries.

Tree Branches

Be aware of your surroundings when scouting the ideal location for your trampoline. Kids can get some serious air on a trampoline, so don’t put it too close to a tree with low-hanging branches. This will also keep debris from piling up on the surface over time.

Age Limits

Consider imposing an age limit on your trampoline. The unstable nature of a jumping mat is not suitable for younger kids or those who don’t have strong balance. In fact, Stanford Medicine Children’s Health states that children younger than age 6 are at greatest risk for harm.

Occupant Limit

Not only will a trampoline surface become more unstable with more occupants, but it can pose a risk to the structural integrity as well. Consider limiting the number of jumpers who can use the trampoline at one time. The fewer people, the safer it will be.


Never leave children unsupervised on a trampoline. If there happens to be an emergency, you need to be ready and able to take charge of the situation.

Accidents Happen. Contact Wirth Chiropractic!

Trampoline accidents can result in fractured bones, sprained ankles, and even concussions. Chiropractic care is well-equipped to treat these and other related injuries. Don’t delay, contact Wirth Chiropractic and schedule your free consultation today!