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It is Thanksgiving week this week and I hope that you are all well. Although not everyone celebrates Thanksgiving for a variety of reasons, that should not be a reason to not hope that this finds everyone happy and healthy. If you do not celebrate Thanksgiving or if you do not have anyone to celebrate it with, then we here at Wirth hope that the holidays are still a happy time of year for you.
Whether you celebrate this holiday or not, most people think of food when they hear the word Thanksgiving. Food is a huge part of this holiday, going back to “The First Thanksgiving” between the Native Americans and the pilgrims. In fact, the first Thanksgiving is a reason many do not celebrate in the way others do. However, the idea of food is still heavily intertwined with that of Thanksgiving. Many of us think of that day and think of a “food coma” from all of the turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and pumpkin pie. Often, we eat far too much on these days and either fall asleep or feel horrible afterwards. If you feel terrible, it doesn’t even take you thinking of all of the calories you just ingested. It really does cause trouble in your stomach and digestive system to eat too much.
While chiropractors are thought of most often for back or neck pain, another service that we can offer is nutrition advice. If you are struggling with weight or have a medical disorder which limits your diet, we can offer you some help in what you should and shouldn’t eat. If you have trouble with sugar and don’t know what you can use to sweeten your dinner, ask us. If you’re looking for healthier alternatives and can’t find anything online, let us try and help you. It is part of what we do.
Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate all that we have with our family and friends. Whether you cook, eat someone else’s cooking, or go out to a restaurant, it is always a good idea around this time to take stock of all that you may have. We know exactly what we are thankful for here at Wirth. We are thankful for our ability to share our passion with everyone. We are thankful we have the ability to help others. Mostly, we are thankful for you.

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