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Well, from a heat wave to hurricanes, these past few weeks have been busy in the world of weather. Naturally, for those of us whose bodies are sensitive to temperature and humidity, it has been havoc. The pressure from the incoming storms plays terribly with our bones. Hopefully the tips for wellness this week may be able to provide you with some comfort, but if not I truly apologize. Some days the flair ups are worse than others, and those are the days that you want to try and find something, anything, that will help you relieve the pain that you are in.
With the kids going back to school around now, many of us may find a few moments to ourselves to stretch out and decompress that we wouldn’t normally have. Even those of us without children may find it a little easier to move around in stores and the like. With fall décor finding its way into the stores, perhaps you are preparing early for Thanksgiving or Halloween. Whatever you’re doing with your time now, I hope you are being safe and are pain free. If not, then a trip to the chiropractor would not go amiss.
As the seasons begin to change, it is always a good idea to go and have an adjustment done. The changing temperature, pressure, and stress levels can play havoc with your joints. This is especially true of your shoulders, back, and neck. This is because most of us hold our tension in these three areas. While many of us hold tension in our jaws as well, adjustments of the other three areas can help to ease the pain in other spots, as often it is because of the original three that we hold tension elsewhere.
By the end of this week, I hope you feel a little better. Even if you don’t feel bad now, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to feel just a little better. This time of year normally brings about a lot of changes for people. I know it has for me recently. Whether these changes are good or bad, I hope you can stay safe, sane, and sans pain. If you have some extra time and feel tense or like your body needs to crack, visit us here at Wirth Chiropractic. We want to help you be comfortable in your own body.

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