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I feel like it’s been so long since I’ve been able to talk to you. Obviously this is silly, but this winter seemed pretty long to me. Was it the same for you? I personally much prefer the spring time to anything cold and snowy. The beauty of flowers and trees budding will always be nicer than frozen powerlines and icy roads. While I do not deny that winter can be beautiful, I’ve always found it to be much prettier when viewed through a photograph of an area hundreds of miles away from me.
The unfortunate thing about the spring, however, is all of the rain. As many of you know, the pressure that is created by the storm can cause many of us to ache and hurt more than we normally do. High winds which are common at the beginning of the season are no fun to fight with either. As I sit here writing to you, I can glance out of the window and see the trees blowing back and forth under the force of the winds right now. Today the average wind speed is around twenty miles per hour, but I hope that it will die down for the weekend and get progressively better as it warms up.
While here at Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville NC, we mostly deal with joints and bones and muscles, we do also care about your mental health. We understand how connected mental health issues and physical pain are and so we know that sometimes by doing our job and addressing a physical issue, we are helping another as well. Many people experience seasonal depression which can begin to lift around this time of year, but sometimes it likes to hold on and stick around for as long as it can. We also hope that we can help you with these kinds of issues and not just an aching knee.
While we do not pretend to be experts in mental health and will not prescribe medication, you should always feel free to talk about mental health changes that you notice based upon your pain levels with us. We want all of you to be healthy. After all, the brain is a part of you and we want all of you to be in top shape. Come into Wirth and let us see if an adjustment can help you mentally as well.

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