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This week I really wanted to focus on mental health. Mental health is something that is just as important to work on as a broken arm. Here at Wirth, we understand just how much mental health can affect a person’s physical health. The brain is a part of the body just like any limb and if there is something wrong with the limb you would fix it. You wouldn’t say, “Oh, it’s all in your arm, you can deal with it” if you had a broken bone and so we refuse to say that something is “all in your head” as if that makes it any less real.
While here at Wirth we obviously are not psychologists and we do not prescribe medication, we have seen just how much of a difference it can make for someone with a mental health disorder to get relief from their symptoms. Some of these symptoms, such as body pain and headaches, we may be able to help you with. A spinal adjustment can do wonderful things for some people and may even get rid of a person’s pain completely if they are lucky enough. Often times, chronic pain conditions and mental health disorders seem to go hand in hand. If we can relieve at least some of this, we will gladly do so.
We will not sit here and tell you, however, that chiropractic care is a miracle cure for mental health issues. We know that some people are greatly helped by it, but many use it in conjunction with other treatments. Although we do not prescribe medication, we know that it can be extremely helpful for certain conditions. We do not judge a diabetic for taking insulin and we would never judge someone with a mental health problem for taking the medication that helps them. We know that we can’t do everything, but we certainly will try to do all we can.
If you suffer from mental health problems, then come into Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC and see how a few treatments can help you. Spinal adjustments have been shown to help treat some of the symptoms of anxiety and depression, so why not give us a shot? Come in today and see if you feel any better after talking with our doctors and getting a great adjustment.

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