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This week I want to talk about children. Now that schools are going to start letting out soon, we need to think of how we are going to spend the summer with our kids. Of course we don’t want them to stay inside all day and play video games or read. While both of these things are fine, kids need fresh air and exercise as well. Even if you are able to get your child to sit outside under a tree with a book, you’ve accomplished more than mine did, I’ll tell you that. I used to sit inside and read until my skin was almost see through I was so pale. Here are some ideas about how to get your kids outside during the summer.
Make A Super Hero Game. If your child loves super heroes, then why not help them train to be one? Set up an obstacle course in your yard and tell them that all super heroes have to go through it before they can start saving the day. This is a fun way to get your kids up and exercising. If they don’t like super heroes, you can always adapt it for something they do like, such as searching for Pokémon.
Dance! Most kids love to dance. My nephew is almost ten and still will not stop dancing unless he is sick. If you have a portable music player (such as your phone), then get up, put on some fun tunes, and dance around with them! It doesn’t matter if you two look silly or not, you’re doing it together and that’s what really matters.
Explore Your Area. Something I have always done with kids is walk around. It’s great fun to go to different places and see what you can find. I normally have a short list of things that we try to find, from a perfect leaf to something purple in nature. Kids will normally love to help you find these things and it’s a great way for them to get to know the area they live in. Spending time with kids is something that both you and they will cherish forever. This is time that you can never get back, so go out and play with them while you can. It’s a great way to not only get exercise, but to show how much you love each other.

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