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One of the most important things about the summer according to the media is to have a “beach body”. While the focus of this message is about losing weight, we think that any body that is healthy is a beach body. Unfortunately, a lot of us don’t have healthy bodies because of the things that we put into them. Eating nothing but chicken nuggets and mac and cheese isn’t healthy, no matter how much we wish it was. This is why the summer is such a great time to start a new diet, though!
Having a lot of heavy food, especially hot food, is normally not a great feeling in the summer. Normally we want something lighter and don’t look for comfort food quite as much as we do during the colder months. While there are still some times that cheesy pasta sounds good during the summer, you probably don’t want it for every other meal like most people do other times of the year. This means that fruits and veggies are a great alternative to heavy foods during these hot periods.
We often think of cookouts and barbeques when we think about food in the summer. There is certainly nothing wrong with having a burger or two with friends, but it is important to balance your meals. Have a couple of slices of watermelon first and see how full you get from smaller pieces of healthier food. Watermelon is also great for your hydration levels on those hot days in the sun, so look around for delicious options other than just meat.
Since most fruits and veggies are in season during the summer, the price of them go down. For example, I just bought five ears of corn for $2 and found watermelons for less than $2 a pound! Although it can be expensive to buy healthy foods during the winter, it is much easier to get them at a reasonable price around now as long as you look for sales.
Having a healthy diet, along with some exercise, means that you will have a healthy body. Another way to help your body is by coming into Wirth Chiropractic for a spinal adjustment every week. You will be amazed at how much better you feel after having it done, we can guarantee it! You never realize how much pain and tension you carry with you until it’s finally gone.

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