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This week I want to talk to you about stress. Stress is one of the biggest issues that face our society today. Almost no one is immune to it. My ten-year-old nephew came home from school a few weeks ago and began talking about how stressed he was about the standardized testing that he is going to have to do soon. Although I, thankfully, don’t have to deal with those tests any longer I certainly empathized with him. It really made me think about how young stress starts and I honestly can’t remember a time in my life when I wasn’t stressed or worried about something. This isn’t exclusive to me, either, so I figured we could spend a little bit of time talking about some of the healthy ways to deal with stress.
                  One of the best things that I have found for myself when I’m stressed is to curl up with a nice warm drink and read. I like history and fiction the best, but whatever holds your interest will work just fine. If you don’t like to read, then perhaps an audio book or podcast will help you escape from the world for a few hours. You never know what you can learn from them either, so you might be able to surprise your friends at the next trivia night at your local haunt.
                  Another thing that I personally enjoy doing is writing. Sometimes I will write about what is concerning me at the current time, but more often than not I simply write nonsense. I’ll write about my cat or memories that I have from when I was a child. Other times I’ll look online for writing prompts and use those to occupy my mind. I may try to write a short chapter using characters from my favorite television series or even about friends and what would happen if some of them ever met. Putting yourself in a different situation through writing can really help you get away from whatever is currently preying on your mind.
                  Another thing that you can do is come into Wirth Chiropractic for a spinal adjustment. You can chat with one of our doctors and get some incredible pain relief at the same time. Stress tends to see us hold tension in certain parts of our body, so come in and make sure that it gets released!

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