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This week I want to talk about germs. Germs are some pretty nasty things to come into contact with and yet we come into contact with millions, or sometimes billions, of them every day! The fact of the matter is that we will never be able to completely stay away from all germs. It is physically impossible to do so outside of living in a vacuum and that presents its own set of difficulties for people. So what are some things that we can do to cut down on the amount of germs we spread and touch? Well, here are a few for your consideration.
Wash Your Hands. This one is the most obvious, but it still bears repeating. Making sure that your hands are clean on a regular basis is one of the best ways to prevent the spread of germs. Washing after you use the bathroom and before you handle food are the two most important, but there is nothing wrong with washing periodically throughout the day. You can also use some hand sanitizer if you don’t have water or soap around.
Cover Your Sneezes. I can remember being in kindergarten and sitting down for my first gym class. My teacher’s name was Miss M and the first thing she taught us was to sneeze and cough into the inside of our elbows. While some people carry tissues to cover their sneezes or try to keep them in, sometimes these methods just don’t work. This is why sneezing into your elbow is such a great way to help stop germs from traveling very far and this way you are shaking hands with someone after you’ve sneezed into it.
Clean Your Phone. A recent study found that our cell phones have, on average, more germs than a public toilet. Now think about how many times a day you have that on your face and how much you use it without washing your hands after. I normally use an antiseptic spray or hand sanitizer to clean mine, but it is good to do this periodically to keep the germ level down. These are only three ways to keep your germ contact down, but they are all helpful, especially around flu season. Come into Wirth Chiropractic and we can discuss other methods if you are worried about the possibility of you getting sick.

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