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With the larger than average amount of hurricanes that we have had this season, there is also something else that we have had a lot of and that’s rain. In fact, where I am it is raining right now. I went to grab some groceries earlier and my car slid a little as I pulled into my driveway. This is because the road was slick and I didn’t have much grip in my tires. Sometimes this happens while I am walking as well, especially if it has been raining out. I’m sure that most of us have been there and I know that it is never fun.
If you happen to slip and fall due to wet conditions, you can get seriously hurt. Although sometimes the only thing that gets hurt is your pride, other times it can be extremely dangerous and you may end up having to have surgery or other corrective procedures due to a broken bone or dislocated joint. These things are never fun and often cause chronic pain that may continue through the rest of your life. You never know when or if this will happen, so it is always good to be careful by wearing the appropriate shoes and going an appropriate speed for the conditions. You’re much more likely to fall if you are going quickly than if you are at a steady walking pace.
Falling may be caused by something as simple as stepping on a manhole cover in the rain that you didn’t happen to see. Perhaps there was a branch and you rolled your ankle on it. I cannot tell you the amount of times that I have accidentally stepped off of the sidewalk and hurt myself. You never know what might cause some serious damage so it is always important to do all you can to keep yourself safe.
If you have had a fall, then come into Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC. Although you may not have hurt your back, you never know when a spinal adjustment could be just what the doctor ordered. Also, chiropractors can work on any part of the body, not just backs and necks. If you have hurt your knee or hip, we might just be able to help you feel better as well. Come in and see what we can do for you.

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