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Take a moment right now to think about how you are sitting and reading this. Are you in a computer chair reading this from a desktop? Are you stretched out on the couch reading this on a laptop? Maybe you are reading this on your smartphone with your head bent over and your back slouched. Whatever the way you are reading this, you are probably doing damage to your body. Unfortunately, it is extremely easy to do this and we normally don’t even notice it. This is the most dangerous part of the problem.
Repetitive stress disorders are often seen in people who work in an office setting, however more and more people are developing them. These are things like carpel tunnel and other problems caused by typing constantly or having your smartphone down on your lap as you look through it. Having your neck constantly bent or your back often slouched or even your wrists not positioned correctly when you are typing can have some serious repercussions later in life. These often interrupt your ability to work and even your day to day life. It can cause pain, muscle cramping, soreness, and many other things that you generally want to avoid if you can.
Now naturally we aren’t going to tell you that you need to quit your job if you work at a desk or that you need to stop using your cell phone. We do, however, want you to realize that the way you sit or position yourself may be doing some damage. Look into the equipment you use as well. Many women end up with repetitive stress injuries due to the fact that most office equipment was designed for use by men, including computer mice, keyboards, and chairs. Changing one of these things can make a world of difference.
Another great thing for you to do is come into Wirth Chiropractic in, Greenville NC, for a spinal adjustment. We can help monitor your back, neck, and other joints to make sure that if you do end up with a repetitive stress injury, it is caught early. These issues are nothing to mess around with and wait on, so the sooner they are caught the better recovery you will likely have. Come in today and see what we can do for you to help make work just a little more comfortable.

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