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There is a large amount of misinformation online and going around about chiropractic care. While we always hope that people can see through the prejudice that others have against our treatment methods, we know that it can be rather convincing. Thankfully with the creation of the internet it is much easier to help combat when something is incorrect, but the right information needs to be posted. For this reason, we will periodically answer questions that we hear often. Here are a few of them.
1. Is Chiropractic Care Quack Science? On the contrary, chiropractic care is just as valid as any other licensed medical treatment that you can receive. Chiropractors go to school to become doctors and then they must go back for their chiropractic training before they can practice. If it was quack science, there wouldn’t be as many regulations about who can provide the treatment, where it can be done, etc. Just because we don’t prescribe medication and do surgery does not make it a “lesser” method of treating a person.
2. Are Chiropractors even doctors? Yes, most definitely! All licensed chiropractors go through the normal medical track in college, get licensed, and then go through extra school on top of it. Each practicing chiropractor will likely have their degree posted in their office, but you can always ask to see them if you are truly unsure about their professional credentials.
3. Am I Too Old For Chiropractic Care? No! And you’re not too young either! There is no age limit or requirement for chiropractic care and in fact it has been shown that it can help babies and the elderly if there are issues with things like balance or normal movements. Even some babies who won’t latch on for breastfeeding can be helped with chiropractic care, so it’s always worth a try.
If you have other questions that we didn’t answer here, fear not! There are more questions to ask than we could answer in a short blurb and we understand that. If you have any that are pressing, feel free to call us and ask them or make an appointment to come in and ask them. We always enjoy answering questions and helping to put your fears to rest about chiropractic care. Don’t worry if we’ve heard them before, it just means we already know the perfect answer!

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