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Sometimes we hear clients tell us that we won’t see them for a while. Rather often when we ask why, we get the response that they are pregnant. After we congratulate them, our next question is always, “Why would that stop you from coming”. People seem to have a misconception that anyone with certain medical conditions should not have chiropractic care, but this simply isn’t true. In fact, the people that are told they shouldn’t see a chiropractor are often the ones that will need the care the most. Pregnancy is no exception to this finding.
While a woman should always tell her chiropractor if she is pregnant or believes she may be pregnant, there’s no reason for her to stop coming. In fact, research has shown that chiropractic care during pregnancy can help reduce the pain levels that normally spike in a woman during this time. There is a great deal of pressure being put on the lower back when a woman carries, especially closer to the due date. This can cause sleeping problems, difficulty moving, and general irritability due to all of these factors. A specialized care regimen can help to combat at least some of these issues and may make the normal pregnancy symptoms just a little more tolerable.
When a woman is pregnant, she goes through many physical and mental changes. While most doctors will focus on the care of the child, it is important to remember that the woman carrying the baby needs to be taken care of as well. In order for the infant to be healthy, she must be as well. While chiropractic care can’t solve everything, it may be able to make it a little easier for her to deal with all of the other changes that come along with growing another tiny human inside of her.
Here at Wirth Chiropractic, we always want to help our clients regardless of age, gender, or medical situations. To us, pregnancy is a beautiful thing and we want to make sure that all involved parties are happy and healthy. If you are pregnant and in pain, we would be more than happy to have you in our office for help. After all, you need to be careful of taking anything while pregnant and chiropractic care doesn’t use medication. Come in and let us help you make this time of your life as easy as it can possibly be.

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