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Posttraumatic osteoarthritis is occurrence of osteoarthritis after a trauma or an auto accident. This condition is becoming common, since more than 12% osteoarthritis cases of ankle, knee, and hip are the result of some type of accident or trauma. However, relating an osteoarthritis condition to an auto accident can be very difficult, especially when you have not been diagnosed by Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC after your car crash that you are trying to put behind you but you really cannot.

Even though you may not have osteoarthritis before a car accident, it does not necessarily mean that this condition is caused by the accident.

Understanding Osteoarthritis

There is cartilage at the ends of our bones, which prevents the bones from rubbing together at the joints. When this cartilage erodes or wears off, the condition is called osteoarthritis. It causes pain in the joint, as the bones start to rub together. Osteoarthritis mostly occurs in joints of the spine, hips, knees, and hands.

Understanding Posttraumatic Osteoarthritis

Posttraumatic osteoarthritis is a type of osteoarthritis that occurs due to some type of trauma to the joint. The initial injury occurs at the joint, which can then deteriorate and develop into osteoarthritis. The cartilage can erode or deteriorate, when the supporting muscle or ligament in the area receives a trauma, which is quite common in auto injuries. Such trauma and injury to the ligament can remain undetected, until the condition has deteriorated to osteoarthritis. Therefore, it is very important to consult with Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC after an auto accident.


Posttraumatic Osteoarthritis Symptoms

The symptoms of posttraumatic osteoarthritis will obviously not manifest immediately, as it will take time for the cartilage to erode after the accident. Usually early symptoms will manifest as stiffness or slight pain in the affected joint, especially when the person is inactive. Over time the pain will increase, and will be felt while moving or resting the joint. Other symptoms include stiffness in the joint and increasing instability. The person will become less flexible and start losing normal motion range, and will start experiences grating sensation of bones moving against each other.

Your Auto Injury Claim

When you are claiming for auto injury from the insurance company, you have to be sure that all your injuries have been detected and diagnosed. Therefore, you need to consult with Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC after an auto accident. Wirth Chiropractic will make sure the proper diagnosis of your musculoskeletal and soft tissue injuries are included in your medical records. Later if you happen to develop posttraumatic osteoarthritis, it is will be easier to receive the appropriate settlement from the insurance company.

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