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An accident is a traumatic experience and auto injuries can be quite serious. After an auto accident victims are generally rushed to a hospital where the physician mainly focuses on treating lacerations, bleeds, damage to organs, and broken bones. Even though these things are very important, the condition of the victim’s spine and neck muscles is often ignored. Wirth Chiropractic of Greenville, NC can correctly diagnose these conditions and provide timely treatment, by which the victim can avoid serious health issues later on in life.

The Back is Complicated

The back area, especially the spinal column is made up of many joints, bones, muscles, and ligaments. The back can be injured in many ways, including ruptured discs, strained muscles, ligament tears, and misalignment of the column. When the back is susceptible to injuries even by doing certain simple movements, you can imagine the extent of injuries possible in a car accident. Studies have shown that people seeking chiropractic care after auto accidents are much better off than people who have ignored this.

Back pain and spinal misalignment can be treated effectively with chiropractic manipulation and when used in conjunction with other physical therapy and exercises suggested by the chiropractor, it speeds up recovery quite dramatically.

Back Pain Requires a Specialist

Another common auto injury is to the neck area. Commonly referred to as whiplash injury, the victim can suffer pain, headaches, and other serious symptoms. Wirth Chiropractic of Greenville, NC can effectively treat this injury by first diagnosing the type and extent of injury, and accordingly suggesting a treatment plan. Manual neck adjustments done by the chiropractor and wearing of support devices will not only hasten the healing process, but also the patient will have to depend less on medications and analgesic drugs.

The seriousness of whiplash injuries often goes unnoticed. In most accidents, where the impact to the vehicle is from behind, the vehicle would have sustained minimal damage, whereas the person inside could suffer considerable injury to soft tissues. The impact can cause ligaments in the neck area to stretch or tear and the discs in the spine to bulge or rupture.

This serious injury often goes unnoticed when the victim does not consult a chiropractor after the accident, until the symptoms start to show clearly such as blurred vision, dizziness, severe headaches, pain the shoulders and arms, reduced mobility of the neck, and even pain radiating to lower back areas. Wirth Chiropractic of Greenville, NC can diagnose the extent and type of whiplash injury and provide the appropriate treatment before the condition worsens.

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