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This week I wanted to talk about things that can happen, often through no fault of our own, that result in injury. While we covered car accidents and sports injuries in more depth already, there are hundreds of possible accidents that can happen to us. Obviously no one wants to think about these things, but they are often damaging and deserve at least a little thought when it comes to planning for the future. Here are a few blanket tips to consider when making sure that you have a plan for the worst case scenario.
Always Have Your Insurance Card. If you have medical insurance, make sure you always have it on you, even if you are only going a little way from home. Accidents can happen anywhere and you never want to be caught in a situation where you need your insurance card and don’t have it. It is always better to be safe than sorry.
Have Your Doctor’s Number. If you have a cell phone, as most people do, then make sure you have your primary doctor’s number programmed in. It may also help for you to have your pharmacy’s phone number as well. If you don’t have a cell phone, then keep a folded piece of paper with the number in your wallet or purse. This way, you can always call in case something goes wrong and in an emergency the doctors treating you can get your records or allergies from your file.
Allergy List. If you end up unconscious, it is extremely possible that you can be given something meant to help you that will only cause more damage. This is especially true if you have an unusual allergy or one that is extreme. Always try to keep a list of medical allergies on you just in case you are hurt and unable to speak for yourself for one reason or another.While we always like to think that nothing like this can happen to us, the reality is that it is entirely possible. Rather than dwelling on the possibility or ignoring it, it is best to hope for the best while preparing for the worst. Make sure to keep emergency contacts in your phone or on your person at all times just in case of these occurrences. Let’s just hope you never have to use them! Come into Wirth Chiropractic today!

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