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Everyone gets stressed. Normally people cite money issues and family problems as the most common reasons for stress, but there is not a single person that doesn’t feel stress about something at some point in their lives. While many people can manage their stress through techniques like breathing exercises or running, others have so much stress that it can overwhelm their lives. One great method for coping with stress, however, has everything to do with bringing something else into your home. I am of course talking about getting a pet.
Scientists have found that having a pet not only reduces your stress levels drastically, but as a result of that also reduces your risk of heart attack and stroke. The act of petting something soft has a natural calming effect, so it makes sense that inviting a furry friend into your home would help. This is especially true of people who rescue their pets from shelters or outside. They often state that their pets are one of the driving forces in their lives and for people with depression and similar mental health problems, they can literally be life savers.
If you are allergic to fur, there are options for you as well! There are certain breeds of dogs and cats that claim to be hypoallergenic, but it is always a good idea to try and find an animal of that breed to see if you have a reaction or not before you get one under the assumption that you’ll be fine. If this is not an option, even pets like reptiles and amphibians can help reduce your stress levels. I know a woman who has a snake due to her allergies, and she was recently able to get it registered as a support animal because of how much it has helped her anxiety since she rescued it. There are always options for other animals that may seem non-traditional if you cannot be around fur.
Pets can be an incredible addition to our family. If you have ever been around an animal that truly loves you, you know that there isn’t anything like it. If you are unsure about getting an animal, ask a friend who has a pet if you can go over and play with them for a while. Most people are thrilled to have someone else gush over their pet. You never know what you may fall in love with!

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