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If you are anything like me, you have been in quite a bit of pain over the last couple of weeks. Due to the pressure changes from the two large hurricanes that have been rolling in, my joints have certainly been arguing with me quite a bit lately. My pain normally starts in my right knee since that is the one that has the worst arthritis, however it has recently morphed into a full body ache, including pain in my head. If you have been experiencing this, know that you are not alone in the struggle. In fact, you are far from it.
Many of us who have chronic disorders are more sensitive to changes in weather than others. For example, my mother who just recently had two knee replacements has been commenting on how her knees no longer hurt when it is supposed to rain, but her shoulder still does. It is confusing her, as most of her life she had severe arthritis in her knees and was honestly more reliable about rain forecasts than the local meteorologists were. I recently have been taking over that role, but it is certainly one that I did not want.
While scientists haven’t actually figured out why exactly some of us can tell the weather by the amount of pain or type of pain we are in, they know that it has something to do with the pressure. It changes outside and somehow our joints reflect that difference. It really would be wonderful if we could figure out what exactly causes it, not just to help correct the pain, but to give more accurate weather forecasts. I don’t know about you, but my knees have been right more times than the weather on television a few days out.
Experiencing that pain that we relate to rain is never a fun thing. It is tiring and can be frustrating, especially when large storms like these hurricanes have been rolling in. It can sometimes be incapacitating and that is definitely not a good thing. If you are in the path of one of these storms, it becomes even more dangerous. Here at Wirth, we wish everyone the best and hope all of your loved ones are safe in the wake of these horrific storms.

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