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Although trying to exercise is good for you, as we all know, it can be painful as well. While some pain is normal while exercising, extended feelings of discomfort can also be experienced and it doesn’t mean you’re getting stronger.
Causing damage to yourself while exercising isn’t uncommon. Many times we may not even feel it when it initially happens. Straining your muscles and your joints is a simple thing to do and can cause great discomfort for a long time. While it’s normal to want to stop your exercise regimen while in pain, if done for extended periods of time it can cause damage instead of helping. It’s natural to want to take it easy, but if done for more than a few days, all that work that you had done to strengthen your body will begin to regress and your muscles will weaken again.
There are many reasons for pain during exercise. One of these is the micro-tears that occur in your muscles which eventually re-heal to become stronger and is not, as commonly believed, a buildup of lactic acid in the body. This is the normal pain that you feel after a good work out. It normally goes away in a day or so. You may accidentally be hurting yourself more by exercising heavily, and that pain is the kind that lasts quite a bit longer.
Over exerting yourself while working out is, unfortunately, a rather easy thing to do. You may end up pulling a muscle or causing a more severe problem to your body by accident. One thing to remember is to only do what you know you can handle with exercise and if something feels like it is too difficult, you should stop that activity and work up to it before attempting the action again. No one is worth impressing with your strength if it can cause lasting damage to you.
Even if you have done everything you can to keep yourself healthy while exercising, sometimes the body just doesn’t agree with a simple action. If this happens, one option you have to make yourself feel better is consulting a chiropractor to see if you need an adjustment. Sometimes the problem is simple enough to fix in one visit, but others need multiple meetings. Although chiropractic care is wonderful, it is not a miracle cure that will work instantaneously. Come in to Wirth Chiropractic for a consultation and see just how much good it can do for you.

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