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Now that it’s past New Year’s, it may seem a little less exciting trying to stick to those resolutions. It really is difficult to try and change your bad habits into good ones, especially if you have been following those bad ones for years. Here are a few tips for you to remember about keeping to your resolutions.
1. Don’t Get Discouraged. Everyone falters and cheats a little when working on their resolutions. The main thing for you to remember is not to get discouraged and give up. Realize what you did, why you shouldn’t have done it, and move past it. While this may be difficult, remember why you are doing this. You want to better yourself in some way, so be ready to hit a few bumps on that path.
2. Set Small Goals. If you are trying to lose weight, which is the most common resolution, set goals for yourself. The one thing to remember is to make sure they’re reasonable. You may want to lose sixty pounds and that’s great! You need to remember, though, that it won’t all come off at once. It may take much longer than you wanted. If you write on the calendar what weight you want to be by what date, you can get very discouraged when you hit a plateau or don’t reach that goal by that time. Everyone hits these goals differently. Don’t give up just because your body doesn’t want to be put on a strict schedule.
3. Stay Healthy. Depending on what your resolution is, you may be tempted to go about reaching this goal in a way that isn’t good for you. This is most commonly seen in weight loss goals as well. We want you to remember to stick to a healthy method of achieving your goal, even if it takes longer than you wanted it to. If you are worried about how you have been trying to reach your resolution, then please speak to a doctor about it to double check. Your health is the most important thing and you don’t want to reach your goal without being able to fully enjoy it.
This first month is often the hardest when it comes to regressing into your old ways. Stick with it and before you know it, you’ll be exactly where you wanted to be. Wirth Chiropractic believes in you!

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