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Now that we are into the New Year, many of us are hearing about everyone else’s New Year’s resolutions. If you have decided to create one or more of these, then good for you! If you’ve still stuck with it by the time you’re reading this, then that’s even better! Many New Year’s resolutions fail within the first couple of weeks and it is rather upsetting for us to see people give up on something they were so excited about. Here are a couple of ideas to help you if you’re struggling to stick with your resolution.
1. Reward Yourself. Each time you do something that pertains to your resolution, figure out some way that you can reward yourself. Now obviously don’t give yourself a piece of cake each time you work out if your resolution is to lose weight, but figuring out a healthy reward can be extremely useful to help you achieve your goals. For example, if you’re binging a new show on Netflix, use that. Each time you work out for a half hour or more, let yourself watch the next episode. Rewarding yourself is a useful trick and can make the journey even more fun.
2. Think of a Puzzle. When you are putting a puzzle together, you can only put together one at a time. Think of your resolution as a puzzle and only do it piece by piece. It’s much easier to do small pieces of a large whole than trying to take it all head on. Work on your resolution piece by piece and see how much easier it is that way. It can be very daunting to try and do everything at once and statistically you will be more likely to fail if you are scared in the face of what you want to do. Take it a little at a time and you will succeed.
3. Ask for Help. If you have a group of friends, you can always ask them for help. You don’t all need to have the same resolution, or even have resolutions at all. Having a support system is always a good thing, especially when you want to change something big in your life. Who better to help you than those who care about you?
We know how difficult these goals can be to keep, but we want to tell you we believe in you. We’re glad you’re trying to better yourself. Good luck!

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