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Myth: Sciatica has a standard treatment plan for all.

Fact: The same treatment may not work, even for people having the same back issues. Therefore, it is salient to have sciatica diagnosed by Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC, who can design a customized treatment plan. For instance, one patient with a herniated disc might recover with chiropractic and physical therapy, whereas another patient with similar type of herniated disc might need medications or even surgery.

Myth: All patients can recover quickly from sciatica.

Fact: There are many factors, which will determine the intensity and duration of the treatment. Most sciatica patients recover within a few weeks, with the right chiropractic treatment; however, the duration of treatment will also depend on age, previous injuries, or issues with the spine, and severity of present problem.

Myth: Surgery is an extreme treatment option for sciatica.

Fact: It is important for sciatica patients not to have surgery too late or too soon. Patients usually tend to avoid surgery, but it important to consult Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC for the best option, especially when there is intense pain and the patient is seeking immediate relief. Secondly, in certain instances, chiropractic manipulations, physical therapy, and medications might not provide the level of relief that is sought, and surgery will be the only option left.

Myth: Sciatica patients should take bed rest until they recover.

Fact: Bed rest and avoidance of all physical activity is recommended only during the initial flare up and onset of sciatica. In fact, if you avoid all physical activity, even after a couple of days, the condition might worsen and the patient will feel more pain.

Secondly, when the patient does not exercise properly, muscle in the lower back can weaken, which means they will be less capable of supporting the spine and back. It is also essential to flex the hamstrings. This is because the hamstrings can tighten when they lose flexibility, which can aggravate lower back pain.

Myth: Sciatica can be self-treated

Fact: Sciatica is serious, and a complex issue that could be causing the pain. Therefore, it is vital to have the conditioned diagnosed correctly by Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC. Establishing the right diagnosis is nothing to take for granted for a variety of reasons and certainly for treating sciatica; since the patients need acute treatment plans for their particular problems.

Secondly, only a specialist doctor like a chiropractor will be able to detect the underlying serious issues and provide the right treatment, and avoid serious long term misery and infirmity. This is why doctors recommend their patients to see a chiropractor for muscle and physical torment and sciatica falls underneath this category.

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