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There are many myths about auto injuries, and it is necessary to know the right facts, so that you can obtain the right treatment and recover from your injuries. Typically, the injured person visits his or her physician and fails to consult a chiropractor which could be a major mistake. Here are some of the myths and facts connected with auto injuries, especially whiplash injuries, and the importance of consulting a chiropractor.

Myth: You cannot be injured when the speed of the vehicle is below 12 mph, or when the car has not suffered any structural damage. 

Fact: This is a common misconception, as over 60% whiplash injuries occur at very low speeds of 6 to 12 mph, and 15% whiplash injuries have been reported even at speeds below six mph. Secondly, most modern vehicles do not sustain any damage and can withstand crashes of less than 12 mph. This means there is no damage to the vehicle, but the people inside would have suffered whiplash injuries.

Myth: Symptoms of whiplash injuries are experienced immediately after the crash.

Fact: Accident victims might not experience any pain after sustaining whiplash injury, and the symptoms might not surface for several hours, a few days, weeks, and in some cases the symptoms are not experienced even for months. Therefore, it becomes paramount to consult Wirth Chiropractor in Greenville, NC, to detect a whiplash injury, determine the extent of the injury, and start the right treatment. If the whiplash injury remains undetected, it can cause severe health issues later.

Myth: Whiplash will only cause neck pain.

Fact: Even though neck pain is a major symptom of whiplash injury, there are many other symptoms as well. Over 55% victims suffer from headaches, 45% suffer shoulder pain, 55% suffer fatigue, and many suffer from anxiety, sleep disturbances, lower, and upper back pain as well. Hence, you cannot rule out whiplash, if you are not suffering from neck pain, and you need to visit Wirth Chiropractor in Greenville, NC to have your condition diagnosed correctly.

Myth: Your usual health care provider can take care of all auto injuries.

Fact: Your physician is not an expert for treating musculoskeletal and soft tissue injuries, which are quite common auto injuries. Therefore, you need to visit a chiropractor to have your injuries correctly diagnosed, and have them treated accordingly. As mentioned earlier, auto injuries such as whiplash can remain undetected, since you may not experience symptoms, and therefore it is important to detect such injuries at an earlier point in time.

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