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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is the most common work-related injury or condition that is caused by repetitive motions. This condition mainly affects the wrists and hands of mechanics, typists, hairdressers, and checkout staff.

The usual symptoms of CTS include pain in the wrist or hand, weakness of certain fingers or hand, and loss of muscle in the palm. It is possible to prevent CTS and fully recover, if the symptoms are detected early, and the patient consults Wirth Chiropractor of Greenville, NC.

Carpal tunnel is a band of tissue located on the front side of the wrist, which holds various nerves, blood vessels, and tendons that are needed in the operation of your hand. When this tissue is damaged due to overuse or injury, extra pressure is put on these important arteries and nerves. Symptoms of CTS usually begin slowly with less pain that becomes worse over time.

Making the Right Call

It is also possible to misdiagnose CTS, as these sensitive arteries and nerves could be affected elsewhere. For instance, tightening of arm or neck muscles can also irritate these nerves and treating the carpal tunnel will not have any effect. Sometimes, diseases like arthritis or diabetes can aggravate CTS and controlling these conditions would be effective treatment. Therefore, it is vital to consult a specialist such as Wirth Chiropractor of Greenville, NC, who can perform the right diagnosis and prescribe the most effective treatment plan.

Methods of Battling CTS

In most cases, CTS is caused by repetitive strain due to frequent or continuous movements over extended period. For instance, a person working with computer throughout the day, will be placing continuous strain on his hands, wrists, forearms, and shoulders, which can lead to CTS. Chiropractor can advise you on preventing repetitive strain and CTS by correcting your posture while working, using the right ergonomics, and taking frequent breaks from work, for doing simple stretches.

When you consult ordinary doctor for CTS, he will most probably prescribe anti-inflammatory medications, steroid injections, and ultimately surgery if the condition has worsened. On the other hand, chiropractic care takes a much more natural and conservative approach.

The treatment mainly consists of chiropractic mobilization and manipulations for relieving muscle tension and removing adhesions impinging on the nerves. Wirth Chiropractor of Greenville, NC will also suggest some effective exercises, and advice on improving the work environment to reduce chances of this type of injury. If you are experiencing even minor pain in your hands or wrists, you should consult a chiropractor, since early treatment is best for a full recovery.

This will be one of the most uplifting decisions you ever make.

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