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Bring out the bats, balls, and gloves because baseball is back. Injuries are very common in any sport but one injury that is known in baseball is Little League Elbow. It is most common among pre-teen and early teenagers who play baseball or even softball. It develops from the repetitive throwing that creates a strong pull on the tendons and ligaments of the elbow. Symptoms that may develop are swelling or soreness to the elbow, and experiencing pain while catching, throwing overhand, or locking of the elbow. Here are some ways that you can try and prevent the Little League Elbow injury. Always warm up and stretch your muscles before you start pitching or playing any game. Recommend not throwing curve balls until high school when the growth plate in your elbow is fully fused with the bone. Here at Wirth Chiropractic we can offer guidelines on exercises, conditioning techniques, nutrition, and general fitness. Chiropractic is also able to correct misalignment in the vertebrae and can remove pressure that is placed on the nerves, reducing pain and improving flexibility. If you think this injury is something your child or even you make have please give us a call at 252-756-6111 so we can set up your FREE consultation.

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