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Kinesiology taping was invented by a man named Kenzo Kase. It is a therapeutic way of correcting muscle function and joint movement without the use of a brace or cast. The tape works like a brace holding your muscles and joints in the proper position allowing your muscles to relax. The tape can be applied all over the body. Including your shoulders, neck, back, hamstrings and calves. Many athletes use Kinesio taping because the tape can be applied before, during and after activity so you are able to still perform at the same time preventing any further injury. Kinesio tape is latex free and waterproof so you are able to wear it more than a day. Kids and older aged patients should wear the tape for about a day. Middle-aged patients are able to wear it up to five days. If it starts to become irritated with a rash or redness take it off immediately.

Here at Wirth Chiropractic we use Kinesio taping everyday. From taping the neck and shoulders, to the lower back and calves. Patients are truly amazed with the outcome of the tape. Allowing them to sleep better, ease the pain, and on the way to a quicker recovery.

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