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Something that some of our clients do which always seems to help is keep a journal. While some like to journal their feelings or events that happen with their loved ones, others keep a record of what happens related to their health. This is actually a wonderful idea and we always suggest this if someone seems to be suffering from something chronically. Recording each instance of symptoms can help you and your doctors identify certain issues easier and writing them down as they happen are more reliable than just your memory.
One suggestion that we always give is to purchase a daily organizer at a discount store, such as a dollar store. If you can find one that has a fair amount of space for each day, that is the best format for recording your symptoms. While just a few words may be helpful to mark down how often these incidents occur, it is better to be as descriptive as possible. This means that you need the extra space in order to remember exactly what was happening. It also helps to write down the time in case you have multiple episodes in a day.
Some people use color coding to differentiate between symptoms if they have multiple medical problems. This can also be extremely helpful in picking out what needs to be told to which doctor. Naturally this isn’t something that will work for everyone, but it is a good idea to try and see if this method is for you.
If you cannot find a daily planner with enough room for each day, then you may want to jot down a couple of words in it and keep a separate notebook or digital document for more details. When you are first trying to explain symptoms for a diagnosis, keeping detailed records are key and this is a great way to make sure that you won’t forget to mention anything once you get to the doctor.
Even for things like back pain that may not seem like they need to be recorded, we suggest trying it before you begin treatment. This means that once you start to see someone for it, like a chiropractor, you will be able to quantify how much better you feel. Come into Wirth Chiropractic today and see just how great you’ll feel once you start to get treatment.

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